‘No More Room In Hell’ Developers Blocked From Monetizing Own YouTube Videos

Yesterday, No More Room In Hell developer, Brent McAhren, posted to Reddit that YouTube has completely blocked the NMRIH team from monetizing their own videos. Excepts from the post can be read below. We’ve tried multiple methods of refuting the baseless claims YouTube has made requiring “explicit permission to use the rights holder’s content commercially”…. Continue reading

Epic VFX Time – A FreddieW Video

Freddie Wong “FreddieW”‘s YouTube channel is hands-down my favorite channel on YouTube, pretty much every other week he comes out with another awesome geek-relevant video. Subscribe and upvote his stuff, it is all great. I reccomend another video of his: Mr.Toot’s the Unicorn. Related Articles – FreddieW’s Mario Kart in Real Life (EpicBrew.net)