Dead Island “Word-of-Mouth” Review

Earlier this year the internet was buzzing with news of a new zombie shooter on the horizon. The buzz for Dead Island was largely due to A.) the success of AMCs The Walking Dead and B.) the eerily emotional... Read More »
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Xbox 360 Kinect at E3 2011

Looking back at yesterday’s Microsoft press conference, I can really only remember two major announcements. One, being the reveal of Halo 4, and the other being just how much effort Microsoft is putting into the Kinect. It seemed like... Read More »
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The Next Xbox to be Revealed at E3 in June

An undisclosed source has released confirmation that Microsoft has plans to reveal, or at least announce, the next Xbox console at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.) Microsoft has reaped the rewards with the Kinect, and experts predict that... Read More »
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