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The Epic Brew for Mar 5, 2012

    First Look at the Making of Halo 4 343 Studios offers up a preview of what they have been working on for Halo 4. This is the first entry in the new “Reclaimer Trilogy” that will see the development of 3 consecutive Halo titles, crafted by 343, rather than Halo‘s original developer, Bungie. Halo 4 is expected to launch this coming winter holiday.   Valve: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Coming Summer 2012 Armed with new maps, new gameplay modes, […]

Valve Releases Steam Mobile App

  Available for both Apple and Android phones, gamers can now access Steam on the go. Valve boasts that the mobile app allows users to chat with friends from their Steam friends list, and more importantly, shop the Steam store. This application has my attention for two reasons. The first being that I believe Valve may be making a shift into the mobile market, with this app. Think about it, what a perfect way for Vavle to reach out to […]

Portal 2 Sale on Steam, 50% Off!

With the release of free Portal 2 DLC this week, Steam is featuring Portal 2 in one of their weekly sales. Portal 2 – 50% Off – $14.99 on Steam until October 6th. Also on sale: Portal 2 – 2-pack (one copy for you, one copy for a friend) $27.49 Portal Bundle (includes Portal and Portal 2) $17.49 And remember, you can download the complete Portal 2 soundtrack for free, through the Official Portal 2 website.

New Counter Strike Announced

Today, Valve publicly revealed plans for the next entry in the Counter Strike series of games, entitled “Counter Strike: Global Offensive.” Global Offensive will find itself on the PC/Mac, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live next spring, 12 years after the original game was released. Valve promises new maps, character models, weapons, leader boards, matchmaking, and multiplayer game modes, along with the return of CS classics, like de_dust. Global Offensive will be the third major entry in the series, following Counter […]

Team Fortress 2 Uber Week Updates!

Check back here all week long where we will be updating everyday about the daily updates that Valve releases for Team Fortress 2, accumulating with the highly anticipated “Meet the Medic” video at the end of the week. Monday’s Update = MOBSTER MONDAY, 6 new weapons (3 for the Heavy, 3 for the Spy.) New Heavy Weapons TOMISLAV – Minigun +75% faster, spin-up time -20% firing speed THE FAMILY BUSINESS – Shotgun +40% clip size -15% damage done THE EVICTION […]

Portal 2 Soundtrack Available for Free

Head on over to Portal 2‘s Official Website to download these outstanding pieces of music for free. Valve has released the first volume of the soundtrack earlier today. The tracks that are included in volume 1 are: 1.) Turret Wife Serenade 2.) Science is Fun 3.) The Friendly Faith Plate 4.) The Courtesy Call 5.) I Saw a Deer Today 6.) Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time Download Volume 1 Here Related articles Portal 2 T-shirts Available Today! ( Portal 2 […]

Valve Can’t Count to 3

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Good Things: Valve has made a ton of high-quality games that have all been successful in their own ways. The lack of a continuous franchise keeps things fresh and new, while keeping their games from turning into Madden Warfare 2011. [kinda] Bad Thing: No end in sight could lead to loss of interest. Valve started the tale of Gordon Freeman in 1998. They continued it in 2004, […]

EA Week on Steam: Crysis Sales Today

The EA Games deals today center on the Crysis franchise. Crysis 1 –  $7.49 (75% off) Crysis Warhead -$4.99 (75% off) The Crysis games are known to be demanding on PCs, so be sure to check the system requirements before buying. I’ll be picking up Crysis later today…I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale ever since I received my Digital Storm gaming rig, a few months back. Get both of these deals on Steam!

Portal 2 T-shirts Available Today!

EDIT [April-24] – Revoloution GFX just released an Aperture Science logo shirt on RedBubble! Buy it here! BOTH Teefury and Shirt.Woot are now selling Portal 2 shirts. As usual, Teefury’s design is available for 24 hours only, while Shirt.Woot is usually available for a longer amount of time…if it doesn’t sell out first. The shared theme is not coincidental, as today is the much anticipated release date for Valve’s game Portal 2. Check out the shirts below…I think I like […]

UPDATE – Team Fortress 2 Japan Fundraiser Results

A few weeks ago I posted about how Valve was offering unique Team Fortress 2 items that players could purchase and the income generated by those specific items would all go to the Red Cross for Japan support. Well yesterday, Valve announced that collectively, they had already amassed an amazing $430,543.65. Almost HALF A MILLION just from Team Fortress 2 items in just two weeks. It’s great to see the Red and Blu armies put aside their differences and come […]