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Trine 2 Review

  I had high hopes for Trine 2. As a big fan of the original, released in 2009, Trine 1 was one of my quick-draw answers for when friends asked me to recommend a game to them. Two years of endless ravings about how great Trine 1 was, really builds up anticipation like nothing short of a multi-million dollar advertisement campaign. The wait that came between Trine 1 and Trine 2, was completely worth it. Gushing fan-boy enthusiasm aside, Trine […]

Get Team Fortress 2 Hats When You Pre-Order Trine 2

Frozenbyte, in partnership with Steam, has revealed that Steam users who pre-purchase Trine 2, will attain two exclusive Team Fortress 2 hats, as well as access to the two-level Trine 2 beta. The two hats are replicas of the pointy wizard’s hat and the Knight’s helm as seen in Trine. The Point and Shoot: “The next time someone accuses you of not being a real wizard because you refuse to (read: can’t) do spells, poke them in the eye with […]

Epic Brew Interviews Frozenbyte CEO About Trine 2

Questions answered by Mr. Lauri Hyvärinen, Design Director of Trine 2 and CEO of Frozenbyte. – When Trine was in its earliest stages, had the development team already determined that the game would center on the wizard/thief/soldier triumvirate, or were there other character ideas that you ended up having to scrap? Trine went through a lot of design changes but the three characters were there right from the start. Originally, when the whole project was still in its infancy, the […]