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Game of Thrones T-Shirt on Teefury Today

“Winter is Coming” is today’s shirt on Teefury. Proudly rep the Stark family with this dire-wolf crested shirt. For just $10 (+$2 shipping) snag this shirt up quick, as it is available for today only. Buy the shirt from Teefury! If you are completely clueless as to what any of this is, I speak for both myself and H3lmz when I recommend you search out HBO’s The Game of Thrones and watch the show. It is fantastic. If you are […]

Natalie Portman – Black Swan/Star Wars Mashup Tshirt on Teefury

Today, Teefury is featuring one of the more creative shirts I’ve seen them host in quite some time. This shirt combines Natalie Portman‘s Star Wars character, Senator Amidala, with her role in the widely acclaimed film, Black Swan. The shape the black swan feathers form in the background is the symbol of the Rebellion, which Padme Amidala is very loosely tied to. So if you can dismiss that one fault…it is still a pretty badass Star Wars shirt…for a girl. […]

Teefury – “Prehistoric Family Guy”

Lois is all the way on the left, just out of the background image. She’s a Pterodactyl. The shirt goes on sale 2/22/2011 at midnight for $10 ($12 with shipping), and as always is only available for 24 hours, so don’t take too long deciding if this shirt is for you…or the deal will…go…extinct. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. =] TeeFury Website