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You’ve Got To See This Hotline Miami 2 Team Fortress Mashup Video

  YouTube user “nonamesleft” uploaded a mashup of audio from the Hotline Miami 2 teaser trailer fitted with animated scenes of characters from Team Fortress 2 using the Source Filmmaker. The video is a near-perfect match to the original, scene for scene. A Reddit user created a YouTubedoubler paring to show the two videos side-by-side.   [nonamesleft on Youtube]  

Get Team Fortress 2 Hats When You Pre-Order Trine 2

Frozenbyte, in partnership with Steam, has revealed that Steam users who pre-purchase Trine 2, will attain two exclusive Team Fortress 2 hats, as well as access to the two-level Trine 2 beta. The two hats are replicas of the pointy wizard’s hat and the Knight’s helm as seen in Trine. The Point and Shoot: “The next time someone accuses you of not being a real wizard because you refuse to (read: can’t) do spells, poke them in the eye with […]

Team Fortress 2 Arcade Available for Free!

Earlier this summer we highlighted a project created by Eric Ruth, that took the frantic action and interesting characters of Team Fortress 2 and shrunk it all down into an SNES styled game. Ruth has completed the project, and you can download the game, in it’s entirity, from his website – Ruth has made a number of fun games over the past few years: this Team Fortress platformer, a Halo-based platformer, and a Left for Dead platformer, just to […]

Steam Trading Goes Live!

Today, Steam officially launched their in-client trading system. Steam Trading will allow Steam users to swap cross-game items with one another. Currently only Team Fortress 2 items, Spiral Knights items and gifts purchased on Steam can all be traded between one another, but it’s expected to expand across numerous games as more developers allow it. The system works similarly to the systems used to gift Steam games and the Team Fortress 2 item trader. Your Steam Community profile now has […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/25/11 “The Heavy”

THE HEAVY – Team Fortress For the non-nerds: The Heavy is one of nine characters players can pick to play as in Team Fortress 2. The Heavy is easily recognizable as the big bald guy carrying a giant machine gun during battles. The Heavy is often seen in the healing-streams of a Medic, boosting the Heavy’s already massive amounts of health. The Heavy speaks with a very thick Russian accent, speaking very basic and slightly broken English, for example, “Shooting […]

Live-Action Team Fortress 2 Fan Video

The guys from Corridor Digital have created one awesome Team Fortress 2 inspired video. Featuring the likes of The Spy, The Sniper, The Scout, The Engineer, The Soldier, The Heavy  and The Medic, Sentry Sabotage! is one of many YouTube videos the group has put out. Check out the Corridor Digital YouTube channel for all of their videos.

Team Fortress Arcade Boasts 8-bit Action

Eric Ruth, the game designer responsible for converting Left 4 Dead, Halo, and DJ Hero to 8-bit games, has set the clock back 20 years on another modern game: Team Fortress 2. Featuring 4 player co-op and the inclusion of all 9 original TF2 classes each with their own abilities, Team Fortress Arcade is a total 8-bit conversion. The demo Ruth gives to the guys from PikiGeek, shows the TF2 conversion to be reminiscent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles […]

Team Fortress 2 Voices from Around the World

The video presents all of the Team Fortress 2 classes, except the Pyro, along with the Announcer in English, Spanish, Russian, German, and French. I found it funny how when the English Spy says something in French, the French Spy says it in English.

Valve Announces Loyalty Points for Team Fortress 2

Shortly after revealing that Team Fortress 2 will be free-to-play from here on out, Valve has introduced Loyalty Points into the Team Fortress 2 mechanics. Loyalty points will be rewarded for doing “team-based” things, like healing teammates, checking for spies, and resupplying. The points will be collected and you will be able to trade the loyalty points in for items. For those of you who have everything you want, Valve has special uber-expensive items that can only be bought with […]

Team Fortress 2 Uber Week Updates!

Check back here all week long where we will be updating everyday about the daily updates that Valve releases for Team Fortress 2, accumulating with the highly anticipated “Meet the Medic” video at the end of the week. Monday’s Update = MOBSTER MONDAY, 6 new weapons (3 for the Heavy, 3 for the Spy.) New Heavy Weapons TOMISLAV – Minigun +75% faster, spin-up time -20% firing speed THE FAMILY BUSINESS – Shotgun +40% clip size -15% damage done THE EVICTION […]