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Happy Birthday Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Michael Crichton‘s similarly titled novel, turns 18 today. June 11th, 1993, Jurassic Park was released in theaters. Internationally Jurassic Park brought in over $914 million worldwide, topping box office records until the release of James Cameron’s Titanic out-grossed Jurassic Park in 1997. To this day, Jurassic Park is the 15th highest grossing film of all time, [source: IMDB] Jurassic Park had a budget of $64 million dollars, yet Universal “sparred no expense” and spent $1 […]

Tintin Teaser Trailer

After just yesterday discovering that there was a Tintin movie in the works…a teaser trailer was released today. So yesterday when I said, “This could not have caught me anymore more by surprise, let alone get me more excited for it.” I was wrong, I am now more excited for it then I was yesterday. As the trailer said, look for Tintin in theaters this Christmas. Related articles First Poster for Adventures of Tintin (

TNT’s Epic Sci-Fi Series “Falling Skies” Trailer

This summer TNT will air their newest series “Falling Skies” that centers around a hostile alien invasion. The series is directed by Steven Spielberg, so that should tractor-beam your attention immediately as to how serious TNT is treating this franchise. The CGI doesn’t look too bad for a television show either, hopefully the acting and story holds up and geeks everywhere have a new show to look forward to every week now that LOST is over and The Walking Dead […]