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The 2015 Steam Summer Sale’s Best Sellers Were Counter Strike, ARK, and….Castle Crashers??

The 2015 Steam Summer Sale’s Best Sellers Were Counter Strike, ARK, and….Castle Crashers??

I managed to get through the past Steam Summer Sale without spending a penny. I played the little Monster Clicker game long enough to realize I didn’t like it, and that was that. Kind of a dud sale for me, but clearly plenty of gamers thought otherwise. I first saw this chart on Polygon, and it illuminates just how much money the top 5 best-selling games of the 2015 Steam Summer Sale made. As you can see the top five […]

Steam Holiday Sale: The Best Indie Games On Steam For Less Than $2

  The 2013 Steam Holiday Sale is blanketing the PC Gaming community with enough steamy deals to get through the cold winter months. But buried beneath the daily deals, the flash sales, and the Community Choice sales, are a number of awesome indie games that are priced insanely low. I’ve put together a list, of some of the best (and cheapest) indie games you can find on Steam, during the current holiday sale. Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan […]

Awesomnauts Coming to Steam, Pre-Release Interview

  Back in May, I interviewed Awesomenauts‘ Producer, Robin Meijer, from Romino Games about the release of Awesomenauts. At the time of the interview, Awesomenauts was a console exclusive, seeing release on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, exclusively. Now, Romino Games is planning on bringing Awesomenauts to Steam “very soon.” “We haven’t yet set a final release date, but expect to do so very soon. The Beta is going quite well so far, so launch shouldn’t be far […]

Steam Summer Sale Day 1 : Indie Edition

In the words of King Theoden, standing high on the ramparts of Helms Deep, watching the hordes of giant orc-men (the Uruk-hai for all you lore nerds) come charging his stronghold, “So it begins.” To make that metaphor work, change King Theoden to My Wallet, Helms Deep to my computer screen, and the giant orc-men to Steam Sales…and if I haven’t lost you yet, it should make perfect sense. If I have, I’m sorry, here’s the reference, now let’s move […]

Steam Adds Skyrim Mod Support

One of the most prominent modding communities has been welcomed with open arms to Valve’s Steam Interface. The Skyrim chunk of the Steam Workshop  launched yesterday on Steam and there are already hundreds of mods available for immediate use in Skyrim. Before writing up this article, I took a few minutes to browse the mods available and I was excited with what I saw, only a day into the workshop’s release. There is a mod that adds additional magic spells, […]

Portal 2 Sale on Steam, 50% Off!

With the release of free Portal 2 DLC this week, Steam is featuring Portal 2 in one of their weekly sales. Portal 2 – 50% Off – $14.99 on Steam until October 6th. Also on sale: Portal 2 – 2-pack (one copy for you, one copy for a friend) $27.49 Portal Bundle (includes Portal and Portal 2) $17.49 And remember, you can download the complete Portal 2 soundtrack for free, through the Official Portal 2 website.

Civilization V and Need for Speed Sales on Steam this Weekend

Steam’s Weekend Sales this week feature both Civilization V (5) and a handful of Need for Speed games. Both sales end Monday morning at 11am Pacific Time. Civilization V – 75% off – $12.50 Civilization V: Digital Deluxe Edition – 75% off – $15.00   Need for Speed Sales – Shift 2 Unleashed – 50% off – $14.99 Hot Pursuit – 66% off – $10.20 Undercover – 75%  – $2.50 Shift – 75% – $5.00 Again, both sales are only […]

Steam Trading Goes Live!

Today, Steam officially launched their in-client trading system. Steam Trading will allow Steam users to swap cross-game items with one another. Currently only Team Fortress 2 items, Spiral Knights items and gifts purchased on Steam can all be traded between one another, but it’s expected to expand across numerous games as more developers allow it. The system works similarly to the systems used to gift Steam games and the Team Fortress 2 item trader. Your Steam Community profile now has […]

Dino D-Day Free for the Weekend

“The year is 1942. Adolf Hitler has succeeded in resurrecting dinosaurs. The reptilian horde has trampled Europe and the Mediterranean. Can nothing stop the Nazi’s dinosaur army?” Read F.D.R.’s full State of the Union Address concerning the Nazis and their reptilian allies, here. Earlier this year we brought word that a Source engine mod developed by 800 North and Digital Ranch that featured Dinosaurs in a WWII-based setting would be released on Steam. In April, we were given Dino D-Day. […]

Five New Free Games on Steam

As of today, Champions Online: Free for All, Global Agenda: Free Agent, Spiral Knights, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and Forsaken World are all free to play and download through your Steam client. Champions Online is a super-hero based MMO where players customize their character’s uniform and super abilities and then team up with other heroes to complete missions to further your character’s progress. Play level 1-40 free of charge. Global Agenda is a third-person shooter in which the player creates […]