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World of Warcraft Monopoly and Starcraft Risk

Blizzard and USAopoly have teamed up to release a World of Warcraft themed Monopoly and a Starcraft themed Risk. Both board games debuted at today’s 2012 Toy Fair in New York City. There is a contest going on, on the Blizzard Facebook, where players can vote on the final six player piece to be included in the Warcraft Monopoly board game. Voters can choose one of ten figures including a Core Hound Pup, a Blacksmith anvil, Murky the murloc, and […]

Starcraft 2 Action Figures Out Now and More Coming

  Starcraft fans rejoice, Blizzard has released the first wave of action figures based off of Starcraft. Jim Raynor and Zeratul are out, and available now in the Blizzard Store. Kerrigan and Tychus Findlay will be released within the month. I won’t be picking any of these particular figures up, but I will be very interested when wave 2 arrives, and hopefully there will be some Zerg creatures in the mix. I’m really hoping they make a 3-Zergling set, much […]

Blizzard Opens MP3 Store for Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft Music

From Diablo II to Warcraft: Cataclysm, Blizzard has made the albums to the majority of their games available for download in the Blizzard Store. On top of the albums being easily available, they are also decently priced. I strolled my internet presence into the Blizzard Store expecting to see $20 for albums at the cheapest, but surprisingly, I found that the highest price for an entire album was $9.99, with each song $.99 a piece. That’s on par with a […]

Toy Storycraft

It took me about a month of random bits of editing to finally get this entire project together. The idea came to me when I was playing Starcraft II and realized that Jim Raynor is pretty much a cowboy who’s sidekick is a man stuck in a space-suit. Even the “bad guys” sound the same, Zerg/Zurg…so the idea just grew from there. The hardest part was not matching up the mouth-movements with the voices, but finding visual substitutes for the […]

Portal 2 Action Figures

Designer, Chris Hooton, has created these custom Portal 2 figures. Hooton is known for making some of the most detailed customized action figures one can find. Besides these Portal 2 figures, Hooton has made figures from Starcraft, Iron Man, Dead Space, District 9, The Matrix, and many more. Check out his website Sabertooth’s Workshop and check out what he has for sale! Related Articles Portal 2 T-shirts Available Today! ( Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat on Sale at Amazon (

Gettin’ Crunk: Starcraft II Style (Vespene Gas Cocktail)

Greetings EpicBrewsters! Ever felt like you had insufficient Vespene gas? Ever wanted to build that awesome thing you love, but you just didn’t have enough resources? Oh, and want to get Crunk at the same time? Your problems are over. Introducin’ the Vespene Gas Cocktail! This baby is comprised of: 1 part Citrus Vodka (mid-top shelf recommended, unless you hate your liver) 1 part Bols Green Apple 1 splash of Midori 2 parts Club Soda You can check out this […]

Skeletonics – An Awesome New ExoSkeleton Suit

It can throw balls, play rock-paper-scissors, oh and has a wrist-mounted rocket-launcher. Turn your speakers down a bit. This one is a little loud. I’d love to tell everyone about the company behind this mech, but since the entire YouTube page/profile is in a foreign language I can’t tell you anything other than the video clip reminds me a lot of the StarCraft II teaser trailer. And to partially quote the great Tychus Findlay: Hell…it’s about time… that we had […]