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Starcraft 2 ‘Heart of the Swarm’ Expansion in the Works

Heart of the Swarm is going to continue the epic saga of the Star Craft franchise by focusing on Kerrigan, former soldier for the Terran taken captive and corrupted by the Overmind. While Wings of Liberty told the story of the Terran’s struggle, the Heart of the Swarm will feature a Zerg-based campaign complete with upgradeable units, the continuation of the epic Starcraft II story, and of course, your fix for intense multiplayer RTS gaming. As you can see from […]

Gettin’ Crunk: Starcraft II Style (Vespene Gas Cocktail)

Greetings EpicBrewsters! Ever felt like you had insufficient Vespene gas? Ever wanted to build that awesome thing you love, but you just didn’t have enough resources? Oh, and want to get Crunk at the same time? Your problems are over. Introducin’ the Vespene Gas Cocktail! This baby is comprised of: 1 part Citrus Vodka (mid-top shelf recommended, unless you hate your liver) 1 part Bols Green Apple 1 splash of Midori 2 parts Club Soda You can check out this […]