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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Review: Twilight of the Apprentice

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Review: Twilight of the Apprentice

As March came to a close, so too did the second season of Disney’s Star Wars: Rebels. Much like The Clone Wars, the second season of Rebels has been far superior to the show’s premier season. Between the exciting adventures, the character development (I can’t wait to see how Agent Kallus evolves in season 3) and some really jaw-dropping lore-related moments (I still get goosebumps thinking about the music that played when the crew made their way to Lasan, as well […]

Here Are the 5 E3 2015 Videos That Everyone Is Talking About

Here Are the 5 E3 2015 Videos That Everyone Is Talking About

As is the case every year, there were tons of great new titles announced at this year’s E3 event. From expected behemoths like Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront and The Last Guardian, to many little surprises along the way, it was a blast watching these games debut along with the rest of the world. It’s hard to sort through it all, in fact, trying to keep up with it all is virtually impossible on your own. So I’ve put […]

Everything Looks Great In Star Wars Disney Infinity, Except Darth Maul

Everything Looks Great In Star Wars Disney Infinity, Except Darth Maul

I’ve always been a bit on the fence about the whole Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and Amiibo craze. I like the idea of having little action figures that I can make come alive in my video games, but I also don’t like the idea of having to make room for those little action figures. I’m just not the kind of person who likes having a desk/closet full of crap. However, now that Star Wars is being introduced to the Disney Infinity […]

T-Shirt Thursday : November 15th 2012

  One more week until we (‘mericans!) can guiltlessly stuff our faces on Thanksgiving. And no, for my international readers, that’s not something we do every day…as may lead you to believe. Here are this week’s shirts of the week! “Overkill” by Bamboota – Buy it on Red Bubble “Brick Grimes” by Brinkerhoff – Buy it on Nowhere Bad “Plumber’s Creed” by Nathan Davis – Buy it on Red Bubble “Imperial Metal” by Rob Go – Buy it on […]

Star Wars “Identities” Art Tour

  The Star Wars Identities art tour began this month in Montreal, Canada. The art exhibit will tour twelve cities on a six year world tour. From the Identities website: “Star Wars Identities looks at the Star Wars films—and at what makes someone who they are—through the lens of the sciences of identity. This includes genetics, neuropsychology, health sciences, and psychology” The exhibit is designed to show how a person becomes who they are, focusing on three major themes: Origins, […]

Adventures in the Old Republic: Level 20-30

  Last night my Bounty Hunter, Shrat, made it to level 30. He left the iconic twin-suns of Tatooine behind, and headed to the snow-capped mountains of Alderaan. This voyage marked not only a time of transition in my Bounty Hunter’s legacy, but also signaled it’s time for another Old Republic update. If you missed it from a few weeks ago, I talked about my Old Republic experience from Shrat’s origin up to level 20, and promised I would return […]

Artist Spotlight: Kai Lim

Singapore native, Kai Lim grew up surrounded by games and toys, from which he learned a lot about the value of entertainment in one’s life. With that mindset, Kai followed his career as an artist as it brought him into the employment of companies like Square Enix, Timegate Studios, and Sony Online Entertainment. The only thing he loves more than his work, he says, is “giant, screaming, bleeding robots waging epic war across distant stars against seemingly impossible odds. And milk […]

Old Republic Content Update: Rise of the Rakghouls

As Old Republic turns a month old next week, all of the game’s galactic inhabitants are about to get a new content update, entitled “Rise of the Rakghouls.” The update will feature a number of mechanic tweaks, and a new Flashpoint, exclusive to level 50 players. Kaon Under Siege is the title of the new Flashpoint. As the story goes, Kaon is suffering a Rakghoul outbreak and players have been tasked with neutralizing the outbreak and eliminating the Rakghouls. General […]

Star Wars Teams Up with Lipton Brisk

  In promotion of the upcoming re-release of the Star Wars trilogies in 3D, which starts in Febuary, Lipton has teamed up with Lucasfilm for one stupidly awkward ad campaign, with the animation style seen in the advertisements being strikingly reminiscent of Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing, a 2001 PlayStation 2 title. My distaste for the campaign comes largely from Lucasfilm being alright with having Darth Maul slip around on the ground. Yea, I know that the Brisk commercials are […]

Adventures in the Old Republic to Level 20

The Rattataki bounty hunter, Shrat, is well on his way to becoming the most ruthless hunter in the galaxy. While he is only level 20, Shrat has ended his fair share of lives, and delivered through with missions that would make even the most hardy Imperial agents, cringe. From time to time, Shrat teams up with the merciless Sith Inquisitor, Helmz. While Helmz cares little for the lives of anyone standing in the way of his ultimate pursuit of power, […]