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Gaming Goals For The Week Of January 18th

So last week I set a handful of goals for myself, as part of my resolution to focus on mini-goals throughout the year. While some of them involved fitness and eating (and drinking) habits, the ones you care about... Read More »

Splinter Cell: Extinction Web Series Prologue

Splinter Cell: Extinction, is a high-quality fan-made web series that centers on an NSA operative as he uncovers a nationwide conspiracy. Published by indie film studio Companion Pictures, Extinction has been given the green-light (or should I say three... Read More »
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Ubisoft Week on Steam: Tom Clancy Game Sales

Wow, there are a ton of games on sale today! Too many to list them all out without building a massive wall of text and dollar signs. Tom Clancy Day on Steam – Steam Store Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon,... Read More »

Grammys to Officially Recognize Video Game Music

In the words of Tychus Findlay, “Hell, it’s about time.” The four Grammy awards that now list video games along with TV and films are: Music for Visual Media, Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, Best Compilation Soundtrack for... Read More »