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The Epic Brew for Mar 5, 2012

    First Look at the Making of Halo 4 343 Studios offers up a preview of what they have been working on for Halo 4. This is the first entry in the new “Reclaimer Trilogy” that will see the development of 3 consecutive Halo titles, crafted by 343, rather than Halo‘s original developer, Bungie. Halo 4 is expected to launch this coming winter holiday.   Valve: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Coming Summer 2012 Armed with new maps, new gameplay modes, […]

The Epic Brew for Feb 29, 2012

    Zone of the Enders Returning in HD Konami announced today that there are plans to re-release the popular, last-gen, mech-fighter titles, Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, later this year. Both games will be included in the same package, much like Konami did with the Metal Gear Solid HD re-release. No details yet on the pricing of this double pack, but I imagine it will retail […]

Steam Adds Skyrim Mod Support

One of the most prominent modding communities has been welcomed with open arms to Valve’s Steam Interface. The Skyrim chunk of the Steam Workshop  launched yesterday on Steam and there are already hundreds of mods available for immediate use in Skyrim. Before writing up this article, I took a few minutes to browse the mods available and I was excited with what I saw, only a day into the workshop’s release. There is a mod that adds additional magic spells, […]

Skyrim PC Mods to get Steam Workshop Support

Bethesda and Steam have teamed up to allow the modding community of Skyrim the use of the Steam Workshop for distribution of modified content. This is pretty fantastic news. The Steam Community alone is really creative (just look at the custom Team Fortress 2 content they’ve put out) and with the integration of veteran Elder Scrolls modders, this could be the Skyrim Valhalla for modified content. Bethesda’s blog post about the matter explains, “The Creation Kit will bundle your mod […]

Put Skyrim Lore on Your Kindle

The dudes over at have compiled all of the books/texts/scrolls found within Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and converted them to both Kindle-friendly and Nook-friendly formats. Now you can read up on the ancient history of the Dunmer while on the bus, and that one cute girl can just assume you’re reading Of Mice and Men. She’ll never know. For a complete list of the books found in Skyrim, check out this massive list which details all of the books in […]

Parents Name Child After Skyrim Protagonist

Earlier this year, the developer of the Elder Scrolls franchise invented a challenge where any baby born on 11/11/2011 (The day of Skyrim‘s release) was named “Dovahkiin” (translated to “Dragonborn”), the parents of the child would receive free Bethesda games for life. So it all came down to, a handful of free games for life, and smiting your son with a name like Dovahkin for life…or having to pay for a handful of games, and giving your son a normal […]

Geek Speak Weekly: Argonians

ARGONIANS – Elder Scrolls Universe (ex. Skyrim or Oblivion) For the non-nerds: Argonians are a race of reptilian creatures from the Black Marshes of Tamriel. They are a hardy species, made so due to years of defending their lands from intruders. Complety products of their environment, the Argonians are a race immune to poison and diseases, capable of breathing underwater, and experts with guerrilla combat tactics. The Argonians are rivaled only by the Khajiit when it comes to stealth. In […]

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim E3 2011

The fifth major entry in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim has been generating a lot of buzz since the debut trailer landed earlier this year. Skyrim is unrelated to the goings-on in Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, however the name of the game is derived from the northernmost province of Tamirel, Skyrim, an icy land littered with giants, viking-like warriors, and most notably: dragons. The dragons are obviously one of the highlights of the Skyrim experience, as if the dragon towering […]

Impressive New Skyrim Screenshots

Take a look at these pretty screenies taken straight out Skyrim, the next entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise and the fifth entry in the series. Skyrim takes place in, and is named after, the frosty northern regions of Tameril. While in Skyrim, adventurers will find themselves facing Viking-like Nords, mountain giants, Orcs, and of course, Dragons. Simply put, the story of Skyrim focuses around you, a gifted human who is fluent in the dragon language, trying to halt the […]