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Wooden Sen’SeY Review

  Upperbyte’s Wooden Sen’SeY is set to launch tomorrow. I got my hands on a preview copy of Wooden Sen’SeY and spent some time playing through the game. For this review, I played through five of the nine levels. Wooden Sen’SeY is a brightly colored 3D platformer that has players bouncing, slicing, smashing, and grappling through the levels, as village chief, Goro. Goro’s quest is to travel the lands and retrieve his beloved SeY, which was stolen from him at […]

Dustforce Review

Being a janitor has never been so cool. If the old Sonic the Hedgehog games were some of your favorites from the 16-bit era, let me happily introduce you to Dustforce, Sonic’s spiritual successor. Dustforce puts players in the overalls of a very nimble, ninja-like, janitor who has been tasked with clearing out dirty levels with a flurry of broom sweeps and double-jumps. Players control the janitor’s movement with the arrow keys, and can jump, quick-attack, heavy-attack, and sprint with […]

Adventures in the Old Republic to Level 20

The Rattataki bounty hunter, Shrat, is well on his way to becoming the most ruthless hunter in the galaxy. While he is only level 20, Shrat has ended his fair share of lives, and delivered through with missions that would make even the most hardy Imperial agents, cringe. From time to time, Shrat teams up with the merciless Sith Inquisitor, Helmz. While Helmz cares little for the lives of anyone standing in the way of his ultimate pursuit of power, […]

Trine 2 Review

  I had high hopes for Trine 2. As a big fan of the original, released in 2009, Trine 1 was one of my quick-draw answers for when friends asked me to recommend a game to them. Two years of endless ravings about how great Trine 1 was, really builds up anticipation like nothing short of a multi-million dollar advertisement campaign. The wait that came between Trine 1 and Trine 2, was completely worth it. Gushing fan-boy enthusiasm aside, Trine […]

Dead Island “Word-of-Mouth” Review

Earlier this year the internet was buzzing with news of a new zombie shooter on the horizon. The buzz for Dead Island was largely due to A.) the success of AMCs The Walking Dead and B.) the eerily emotional slow-motion trailer released with the announcement of Dead Island. Zombie games are becoming as trite as WWII shooters were ten years ago, but that did not stop the hype for Dead Island from continuing to grow. With Dead Island’s release earlier […]

Borderlands Review

H3lmz and myself picked up Borderlands this past Spring during one of Steam’s wallet-diet sales. I jumped right in and played through the first few levels on my own before H3lmz joined in and we teamed up to fight the Skag hordes on the outskirts of the starting town of Fyrestone. The single player experience and the co-op experience were two completely different experiences. Well, of course they would be different, I just mean it was a game-changing difference. That […]

‘Black Death’ Movie Review by H3rc

In the year 1348, the Bubonic Plague rampaged across Europe, sickening and wiping out thousands everyday. The mysterious death could weaken and kill a perfectly healthy man within a week; for anyone of lesser health, death would occur even swifter. The symptoms were brutal. Sparing the gruesome details, one prominent symptom was the discoloration of the skin to a shade of dark gray, hence the nickname, “The Black Death.” Those who were religious blamed God, and turned to their religious […]

Dead Space 1 – A Never-Too-Late Review

SURVIVED – I played Dead Space on a computer that could completely support the game’s highest settings, and it was absolutely disgustingly beautiful. There many were times when I cringed and looked away as some monstrosity popped out a spawn from an oozing hole in its chest cavity. I found myself pausing and contemplating going down murky hallways where my flashlight’s beam couldn’t reach the end. The aliens that make up Dead Space’s goons cast are all unique and must […]