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The Epic Brew for Feb 28, 2012

    Massive Amount of Battlefield 3 Tweaks Inbound! Late last week DICE released a gigantic list of upcoming fixes to Battlefield 3. Below are some of the highlights, but be sure to check out the full list, posted... Read More »

The Epic Brew for Feb 23, 2012

    SSX Wingsuit Gameplay Video A new SSX gameplay video was released today, showcasing the ability of snowboarders to utilize wingsuits while snowboarding down extremely dangerous courses. If you have no idea what a wingsuit is, it is... Read More »

Adventures in the Old Republic: Level 20-30

  Last night my Bounty Hunter, Shrat, made it to level 30. He left the iconic twin-suns of Tatooine behind, and headed to the snow-capped mountains of Alderaan. This voyage marked not only a time of transition in my... Read More »
H3rcules | 24 January 2012 | Gaming | , , | 1 Comment   

Old Republic Content Update: Rise of the Rakghouls

As Old Republic turns a month old next week, all of the game’s galactic inhabitants are about to get a new content update, entitled “Rise of the Rakghouls.” The update will feature a number of mechanic tweaks, and a... Read More »
H3rcules | 12 January 2012 | Gaming | , , | 1 Comment   

Adventures in the Old Republic to Level 20

The Rattataki bounty hunter, Shrat, is well on his way to becoming the most ruthless hunter in the galaxy. While he is only level 20, Shrat has ended his fair share of lives, and delivered through with missions that... Read More »
H3rcules | 03 January 2012 | Gaming | , , , | 2 Comments   

The Flashmob Strikes Back!

To promote the release of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, a flashmob staged a faux Jedi/Sith battle in Times Square. The Old Republic was released December 20th, for Windows. Visit the official Old Republic website swtor.com Read More »
H3rcules | 23 December 2011 | Gaming, Movies | , , | 1 Comment   

Star Wars: Old Republic Release Date and Pricing Revealed

Gamers can finally mark a date on their calender when they can get their hands on a retail/digital copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic. December 20th, is the big day. You can go the traditional route and pre-order... Read More »
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The Old Republic: Jedi Consular Trailer

In a more peaceful age, Jedi Consulars may have humbly dedicated their lives to service as keepers of Jedi lore or as ambassadors in service to the Republic—tasks for which Consulars are uniquely qualified. However, as the shadow of... Read More »
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New Star Wars Old Republic Trailer Debuts at PAX

The Jedi vs. Sith MMO that has the gaming community Force-gripped in anticipation, debuted a new trailer earlier today at PAX. The trailer consists entirely of gameplay footage, and features some of the beautiful environments and equally colorful characters... Read More »
H3rcules | 11 March 2011 | Gaming | , , | 2 Comments