I Have No Idea What The Trailer For “Idea” Says, But It Looks Cool

Netmarble, the publisher behind “the most anticipated mobile game of 2015” shot me an email today, with a link to a trailer (above) for Idea (working title). The trailer features beautifully rendered action scenes, and some stuff to read, presumably about the game.

I say presumably because, well, I can’t read Korean.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the text in the trailer is something along the lines of, “Kill monsters with cool attacks. Play as cool characters. Do cool stuff with cool weapons. This is one cool RPG.” Something like that…probably.

For those of you who like actual facts, the press release that accompanied the trailer has some juicy quotes (in English!) for you to digest:

IDEA delivers a complete online RPG saga through real-time large scale combat with your guild…Just like a PC online game, players will be able to fully experience the thrill of battle, this time utilizing a mobile device.” – Hong Kyu Kim of Netmarble

The press release goes on to mention that Steve Jablonsky is conducting the game’s soundtrack; he’s the composer behind Gears of War, the Transformers movies, and many more. Idea will also sport 42-player multiplayer battles, 80 maps, and over 3,000 pieces of gear for players to customize their character with. Those are some absolutely massive numbers, for a game of any type, let alone a mobile game.

Look for Idea to make the trip overseas from South Korea, later this year.