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‘Black Death’ Movie Review by H3rc

In the year 1348, the Bubonic Plague rampaged across Europe, sickening and wiping out thousands everyday. The mysterious death could weaken and kill a perfectly healthy man within a week; for anyone of lesser health, death would occur even swifter. The symptoms were brutal. Sparing the gruesome details, one prominent symptom was the discoloration of the skin to a shade of dark gray, hence the nickname, “The Black Death.” Those who were religious blamed God, and turned to their religious […]

Movie Review – Monsters (2010)

I had heard from a few people that there was this movie called Monsters and that if I loved District 9, I would love Monsters. They were right. Last night, I checked out Monsters on the Netflix Instant Player (quick-link to the Monsters Netflix page). The Photoshoppy cover-art for the movie and lack of recognizable actors gave it a cheap feel at first, and I really wonder how many people simply overlooked the movie for those facts alone, but trusting […]