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Real Steel, Real Disappointing: A Short Review

I’m sure that pun has already been used, but the honesty is there. I had seen the trailer for Real Steel, specifically the one I’ve posted below, and the movie looked like an underdog story, starring Hugh Jackman, who plays a boxer down on his luck after robotic boxers take the spotlight from human boxers. While, essentially, all of that is true, the trailer left out one little whiny, annoying, detail: there would be a tag-along in the form of […]

Movie Review – Monsters (2010)

I had heard from a few people that there was this movie called Monsters and that if I loved District 9, I would love Monsters. They were right. Last night, I checked out Monsters on the Netflix Instant Player (quick-link to the Monsters Netflix page). The Photoshoppy cover-art for the movie and lack of recognizable actors gave it a cheap feel at first, and I really wonder how many people simply overlooked the movie for those facts alone, but trusting […]