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Gears of War 3 has Beautiful Multiplayer Maps

Microsoft has released a handful of impressive looking screenshots showing off Gears of War 3‘s multiplayer maps.           Gears of War 3 launches on the Xbox 360, September 20th, 2011. Visit the official Gears of War 3 website

Xbox 360 Kinect at E3 2011

Looking back at yesterday’s Microsoft press conference, I can really only remember two major announcements. One, being the reveal of Halo 4, and the other being just how much effort Microsoft is putting into the Kinect. It seemed like every sentence a developer finished their spiel with ended something along the lines of: “…and expect Kinect support in [game] as well!” and then there would be an awkward smattering of applause, as the audience pondered at what gimmicky way a […]

Halo 4 E3 2011

The reveal trailer from the Microsoft press conference earlier today: This will be the first major Halo title without Bungie behind the game and will instead be developed by 343 Industries, Microsoft’s Halo-specific studio. Halo 4 has been given a holiday 2012 release date, with the promise of at least two more Halo games for the complete second trilogy storyline.

The Next Xbox to be Revealed at E3 in June

An undisclosed source has released confirmation that Microsoft has plans to reveal, or at least announce, the next Xbox console at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.) Microsoft has reaped the rewards with the Kinect, and experts predict that the announcement for the next-gen console would not only deter a the attention from Nintindo’s presumed console reveal, but also keep a strong momentum going for the company’s console game division. My big question is: If the Xbox is doing great […]