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The Epic Brew for Feb 23, 2012

    SSX Wingsuit Gameplay Video A new SSX gameplay video was released today, showcasing the ability of snowboarders to utilize wingsuits while snowboarding down extremely dangerous courses. If you have no idea what a wingsuit is, it is basically an outfit that turns you into a flying squirrel. Here’s a video of real people using wingsuits. I’d like to think I have the balls to do something like that, but…I’ll just drink a few more beers and sit really […]

Trailer Tractorbeam: February 10th, 2012

With Mass Effect 3 only a few weeks away, Bioware released a handful of trailers for the third, and final, installment of Commander Shepard’s epic battle against the Reapers. Since the actual appearance of Commander Shepard can be changed from the stock model, Bioware held a contest where ME fans could vote on the appearance of Shepard in one of the game’s final release trailers. The contest ended, the votes Talied (get it, Tali-ed?), the the winner was a female […]

The Stakes Are Even Higher in Mass Effect 3

The Mass Effect series is known for putting tough, game-changing, choices in your hands. The decisions you made in Mass Effect 1, echoed back in Mass Effect 2. The choices you made in both Mass Effect 1 and through Mass Effect 2, determined how many, if any, of your crew members survived through the end of the second game. There was even the potential that your main character, Commander Shepard, could die. In an interview between NowGamer and Bioware’s Mike […]

EA Week on Steam: Mass Effect Sales Today

The Mass Effect franchise is my favorite franchise of the current gaming generation. The depth of the Mass Effect universe is amazing, and if you are even slightly interested in Sci-Fi games, you need to check this game out. I’ve played both games, and eagerly await the third and final installment (which has been pushed back to 2012 as of a few days ago.) The coolest thing about the Mass Effect series is that it is continuous with what you […]

Mass Effect 2 DLC Trailer “Arrival”

“The Arrival”, the last bit of Mass Effect 2 bonus story, arrives March 29th on the Playstation 3, Xbox360, and PC. The extra mission sends Commander Shepard out to the edge of the galaxy to meet with an individual who claims to have crucial information about the impending Reaper invasion. Apparently this mission will directly lead up to the beginning of the events that take place in Mass Effect 3. “The Arrival” will be available for about $7 on all […]

Steam Daily Deals 12/23/2010

Today’s holiday specials at the Steam website are – Wings of Prey – $6 Blood Bowl: Legendary Ed. – $19.99 Blurr – $14.99 Darksiders – $10 Deathspank – $7.49 Risen – $14.99 Patrician 4 – $7.50 Dead Rising 2 -$19.99 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – $3 Apha Protocol – $7.50 All Silent Hunter Games – 66% off each game Mass Effect 1 and 2 – 50% off each game You can tackle any of these deals here at the Steam […]