Interview with “Dear Esther” Developers

Dear Esther is an upcoming first-person perspective game where players are free to explore an abandoned island, discovering the mysterious narrative through their exploration. From Dear Esther’s official website: “Forget the normal rules of play; if nothing seems real... Read More »
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Interview with Vessel Developer, Strange Loop Games

  The following interview is with Milenko Tunjic, Art Director for Vessel, from Strange Loop Games.(@StrangeLoopGame on Twitter) What’s the story behind Vessel? Vessel has a somewhat unique story that follows a man with a dream and explores his... Read More »
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Epic Arcade: Rochard Developer Interview

  The following interview is with Rochard‘s developer, Recoil Games based out of¬†Helsinki, Finland. Visit Recoil Game’s official website, and follow them on Twitter (@RochardTheGame) What separates Rochard from other platformers currently available? Rochard has lots of familiar features... Read More »
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Epic Brew Interviews “Capsized” Developer, Lee Vermeulen

The following interview is with Lee Vermeulen, @AlientrapGames on Twitter, programmer and co-designer of Capsized. - Tell us a bit about how Alientrap Games was formed. I started Alientrap with the development of the game Nexuiz, a freeware deathmatch... Read More »
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Epic Brew Interviews Frozenbyte CEO About Trine 2

Questions answered by Mr. Lauri Hyv√§rinen, Design Director of Trine 2 and CEO of Frozenbyte. – When Trine was in its earliest stages, had the development team already determined that the game would center on the wizard/thief/soldier triumvirate, or... Read More »
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