Genre-Bending ‘Natural Selection 2′ Preview

Alpacapatrol’s latest “Indie Spotlight” casts its light upon first-person-shooter/real-time strategy hybrid,¬† Natural Selection 2. Being developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Natural Selection 2 is the squeal to the very popular Half-Life mod of the same name. Released in 2002,... Read More »
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Interview with ORBITOR Developer, Evil Aliens

  The following interview is with Dale Ward, lead designer, sound designer, resident musician at Evil Aliens.   What kind of game is ORBITOR? What can players expect to find within the game? ORBITOR is an action arcade game... Read More »
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Previews for Visually Impressive Indie Titles “Ravaged” and “Cradle”

  These two indie titles came out of nowhere yesterday, and I can’t believe how I had not heard of them until now. Both Ravaged and Cradle promise a visually engaging experience in a post-apocalyptic future. Ravaged is built... Read More »
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Indie Game Music Bundle #2 is here!

The second Indie Game Music Bundle has launched and the sale is in full swing. For the next week, you can pick up at least 14 indie game soundtracks, on a pay-what-you-want sale platform. I say “at least 14”... Read More »
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Interview with “Dear Esther” Developers

Dear Esther is an upcoming first-person perspective game where players are free to explore an abandoned island, discovering the mysterious narrative through their exploration. From Dear Esther’s official website: “Forget the normal rules of play; if nothing seems real... Read More »
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Interview with Vessel Developer, Strange Loop Games

  The following interview is with Milenko Tunjic, Art Director for Vessel, from Strange Loop Games.(@StrangeLoopGame on Twitter) What’s the story behind Vessel? Vessel has a somewhat unique story that follows a man with a dream and explores his... Read More »
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Indievania Presents: The Milkstone Bundle

Milkstone Studios in company with the indie game distribution website, Indievania, have launched the Milkstone Bundle. This pay-what-you-want bundle (minimum of $1) includes three titles, MotorHEAT, Infinity Danger, and Zombie Football Carnage. Paypal is used to facilitate the transaction,... Read More »
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Interview with Dustforce Developers, Hitbox Team

The following interview is with Woodley Nye and Terrence Lee of Hitbox Team. Follow Hitbox Team on Twitter: @hitboxteam After you read the interview, check out our Dustforce Review! How did Hitbox Team come into being? Woodley: Lexie Dostal... Read More »
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Epic Arcade: Rochard Developer Interview

  The following interview is with Rochard‘s developer, Recoil Games based out of¬†Helsinki, Finland. Visit Recoil Game’s official website, and follow them on Twitter (@RochardTheGame) What separates Rochard from other platformers currently available? Rochard has lots of familiar features... Read More »
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