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Interview with ‘Dusty Revenge’ developers, PD Design Studio

  The following interview is with Ken Poh, from PD Design Studio Hey, thanks for doing this with us! So PD Design Studio started as a multimedia company. What made you guys decide to switch to developing games? Hey, thanks for having us. PD Design Studio started out 6 years ago doing various jobs, web, print, video, anything we can lay our hands on. But our very first project was actually a Flash game project. Over the years we started […]

Epic Arcade: Where is My Heart?

  The following interview is with Bernie Schulenburg, from Danish game developer, Gute Fabrik. (@gutefabrik on Twitter) What is the best way to describe Where is my Heart? If I may formulate it high-brow-style, then Where is my Heart is a personal and emotional piece of experience cast into the mold of a video game of the 80’s. It pays tribute to those old video games and it wants to evoke these childhood memories we all have. In a more […]

Humble Introversion Bundle Begins!

A new Humble Bundle has been released! This bundle includes a number of Introversion Software games. The games include: – Uplink – Darwinia – DEFCON – Multiwinia Also, if you pay more than the average you will also get Crayon Physics Deluxe and Aquiria. As has been the case with the previous Humble Bundles, you pay what you want, from $1 to $1,000,000, you get keys to download the games emailed to you, and you get to decide how much […]

Project Black Sun Developer Interview

The following interview is with Project Black Sun developer Starflower Games, specifically programmer Mika Laurila. Buy Project Black Sun Tell us a bit about StarFlower Games. How was the company created? How many people on the team? Starflower Games’ goal is to create great games for people who love retro games and also for new gamers, so they can see and feel the power of 2D. The team consists of two people at the moment. The team [Mika and Tommi] […]

Epic Brew Interviews “Capsized” Developer, Lee Vermeulen

The following interview is with Lee Vermeulen, @AlientrapGames on Twitter, programmer and co-designer of Capsized. – Tell us a bit about how Alientrap Games was formed. I started Alientrap with the development of the game Nexuiz, a freeware deathmatch game released in 2005. I made it along with Forest ‘LordHavoc’ Hale, the programmer of the Darkplaces engine, and a number of other online developers. After the release of Nexuiz I worked on a few other Darkplaces projects before partnering up […]