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Geek Speak Daily 8/26/11 “Headcrabs”

HEADCRABS – Half-Life series Headcrabs are small parasitic monsters that resemble an uncooked chicken with four slender crab legs. Their mouths are found underneath their body, sharp beaks that allow an almost impossible-to-break grip once the headcrab attaches itself to a host. Headcrabs are very fragile, dying quickly to bullet shots or a good smack with a crowbar. Their inability to withstand blows is made up by their ability to pounce great distances, often emitting a guttural squelch before pouncing […]

Half-Life 1 Fan Made Trailer

James Benson created this cinematic trailer for Half-Life 1 using the original game’s graphics engine. He did a fantastic job of making the FPS-perspective come to life. Everyone should give his YouTube page a look. He does some fantastic work with Source models…like a Team Fortress 2 dance bit he’s been posting character by character. He also posts CGI animation tutorials within the same YouTube profile.