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Geek Speak Daily 8/22/11 “Pyramid Head”

PYRAMID HEAD – Silent Hill For the non-nerds: Pyramid Head is a monstrosity made famous within the Silent Hill series of video games, as well as the Silent Hill film. He gets his name from the giant metallic-looking pyramidal helm he wears. The helm completely covers his face and has never been seen off. Pyramid Head wears a bloodied butcher’s smock and carries an exaggeratedly long butchers knife, which he drags on the ground behind him, creating the signature metal-on-metal […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/20/11 “Rodians”

RODIANS – Star Wars universe For the non-nerds: Rodians are green humanoid aliens that are easily recognizable by their giant black eyes, snout-like mouths, and pair of round antennae springing from the tops of their heads. Rodians are from the jungle planet, Rodia, in the Outer Rim Territories. The most recognizable Rodian is Greedo, a henchmen of Jabba the Hutt, sent out to find Han Solo and get him to cough up the debts Solo owed Jabba. As is commonly […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/19/11 “Bubastis”

BUBASTIS – From Watchmen For the non-nerds: Bubastis is the pet of Adrian Veidt, aka “Ozymandias.“ Bubastis is a genetically-altered lynx. She exhibits intelligence and domestication beyond what her fellow species would be capable of, most likely to do the genetic-engineering that went into her creation. In the Watchmen comic Bubastis is red with black stripes, but in the movie, the red is replaced by a light blue color. For the nerds: Bubastis was named after the ancient Egyptian goddess, […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/18/11 “Peppy Hare”

PEPPY HARE – from Nintendo’s Star Fox For the non-nerds: Peppy Hare is a prominent member of the Star Fox team. He is the rabbit most commonly quoted on the internet for saying, “Do a barrel roll!” in the first level of Star Fox 64. Peppy flew alongside James McCloud and Pigma Dengar, before Pigma betrayed them to intergalactic villian, Andross. While Peppy was able to escape the ambush, James was unable to escape. Peppy returned to James’ son, Fox […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/17/11 “Mumakil”

MUMAKIL – From The Lord of the Rings For the non-nerds: Mumakil, also known as Oliphaunts, are giant elephant-like creatures from Middle Earth. They were seen briefly in the second Lord of the Rings movie, but are most likly to be remembered from the third Lord of the Rings movie, as they charged into battle against the cavalry army of Rohan. The Mumakil are used by the Haradrim, a culture of humans from the southern parts of Middle Earth. The […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/16/11 “Gilneas”

GILNEAS – World of Warcraft   For the non-nerds: Gilneas (pronounced gill-nay-us) is a starting zone for the Worgen race in the massively-multiplayer online role-playing-game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft. GilneasĀ  resembles early 20th century England, the area is very Sherlock Holmes-like. Brick-and-motar chimneys reach out above narrowly-winding cobblestone streets with wooden lampposts illuminating the foggy gloom that seems to be as permenant as the curse that haunts the native Gilneans. While Gilneas is technically a human kingdom, the humans in […]

Geek Speak Daily – 8/15/11 “Yavin”

YAVIN – Star Wars Universe For the non-nerds: In the oldest Star Wars movie, Yavin is that big red planet that the Death Star had to orbit around in order for it to be able to target the moon the Rebels were camped out on (Yavin 4.) The slow orbit of the Death Star around Yavin made for a very intense point in A New Hope, as the Rebel Alliance’s Rouge Squadron desperately attempted to destroy the battle station before […]