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Geek Speak Weekly: Gorons

GORONS – The Legend of Zelda series For the non-nerds: Gorons are a species seen throughout the Legend of Zelda video games. They are mountain dwelling, rock-like humanoids that lead a very caveman-like existence. They are a very docile and spiritual culture, only provoked to violence when they way of life is interrupted. They eat rocks and can resist lava. No one has ever seen a Goron female. For the nerds: Gorons have appeared in a total of 11 Zelda […]

Geek Speak Weekly: Splicers

SPLICERS – Bioshock For the non-nerds: Splicers are humans who live in the underwater city of Rapture, but have overdosed on the genetically-modifying substance, Adam. The addiction mutated their bodies and corrupted their minds, causing them to kill the majority of the unaddicted, sane, population of Rapture. The Splicers are the most common foes players face while playing through Bioshock 1 and 2. Many of the Splicers wear masquerade masks, which it is believed that they are worn to hide […]

Geek Speak Weekly: Kit Fisto

KIT FISTO – Star Wars For the non-nerds: Kit Fisto is a Jedi Knight who served on the Jedi Council during the second and third Star Wars films. Kit Fisto is a nautolan from the aquatic planet Glee Anselm. During the Clone Wars, Fisto served as a General for the Grand Army of the Republic and was also one of the dozens of Jedis that arrived on Geonosis to rescue Senator Amidala and Jedi Knights, Kenobi and Skywalker. For the […]

Geek Speak Weekly: “Balrogs”

BALROGS – The Lord of the Rings For the non-nerds: Balrogs are creatures of Middle Earth, largely feared, and rightfully so, by the populations of Middle Earth which are aware of their existence. Balrogs are creatures of shadow and fire, capable of generating weapons from pure fire. Gandalf the Gray comes into contact with a Balrog while leading the Fellowship through the Mines of Moria. For the nerds: Balrogs were once spirits of similar origin to the beings that later […]

Geek Speak Weekly: “Cloud City”

CLOUD CITY – Star Wars   For the non-nerds: Cloud City is the floating city in Empire Strikes Back that Han Solo and Princess Leia take refuge upon while fleeing from the Empire. At that time, the city is owned by Han’s friend Lando Calrissian, who welcomed his old friend with open arms. Due to its relative isolation and overall unimportance, Cloud City was largely overlooked by Imperial forces. The city primarily served as an outpost for Tibanna Gas harvesting. […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/30/11 “Navi”

NAVI – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time For the non-nerds: Navi is the little fairy companion that follows Link around throughout Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She serves as a guide, often providing advice and tips to Link (you, the player) to become more adept with game mechanics. Navi is also used to assist the player while aiming with weapons, with a press of a button Navi will fly out and hover around a certain enemy, allowing Link to […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/28/11 “Abe Sapien”

ABE SAPIEN – Hellboy comics/film For the non-nerds: Abe Sapien is the blue merman-like creature that often accompanies Hellboy on missions and adventures. He was seen in both of the Hellboy movies, and has seen a handful of comic book spinoffs where he is the title character. Scientists would call him an Icthyo sapien, but Abe received his name when he was discovered. The tube he was found in had an attached document was dated the day of Abraham Lincoln’s […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/26/11 “Headcrabs”

HEADCRABS – Half-Life series Headcrabs are small parasitic monsters that resemble an uncooked chicken with four slender crab legs. Their mouths are found underneath their body, sharp beaks that allow an almost impossible-to-break grip once the headcrab attaches itself to a host. Headcrabs are very fragile, dying quickly to bullet shots or a good smack with a crowbar. Their inability to withstand blows is made up by their ability to pounce great distances, often emitting a guttural squelch before pouncing […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/25/11 “The Heavy”

THE HEAVY – Team Fortress For the non-nerds: The Heavy is one of nine characters players can pick to play as in Team Fortress 2. The Heavy is easily recognizable as the big bald guy carrying a giant machine gun during battles. The Heavy is often seen in the healing-streams of a Medic, boosting the Heavy’s already massive amounts of health. The Heavy speaks with a very thick Russian accent, speaking very basic and slightly broken English, for example, “Shooting […]

Geek Speak Daily 8/24/11 “Camping”

CAMPING – Used in video games, usually shooters, to describe someone who remains within a small area and gets kills by hiding and ambushing, in a non-defensive manner. There are campers, and then there are defenders. Defenders remain in one location in order to keep an opponent from capturing a base or destroying an objective. Campers remain in an out-of-the-way area or repeatedly ambush an opponent with no desire to help their team defend, they are simply there for the […]