Gamer’s Edition of Guinness Book of World Records Available

Now available in the United States, and launching January 19th in the U.K., is the Gamer’s Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. This 2012 book is the 5th edition and features over 200 pages of Video Game... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Mikaël Aguirre

Mikaël Aguirre is a 29 year old artist from Paris, France who has found fame painting portraits of classic video game scenes. You can find him on Twitter (@Orioto) and on Tumblr (Night Grain). Check out all of his... Read More »
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Epic Arcade: The Green Mission

  PLAY THE GREEN MISSION NOW What is The Green Mission: A simple “sling-shot and catch” game where you launch a little green booger-thing through the air while avoiding obstacles and completing objectives. The goal is to turn all... Read More »
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Borderlands Review

H3lmz and myself picked up Borderlands this past Spring during one of Steam’s wallet-diet sales. I jumped right in and played through the first few levels on my own before H3lmz joined in and we teamed up to fight... Read More »
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Video Game Inspired Book Covers

Artist AJ Hateley has created a number of book covers inspired by video games such as Left 4 Dead, Legend of Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid.     Read More »
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Video Games in Heaven and Hell

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