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Happy Free Comic Book Day!

Today is Free Comic Book Day! To celebrate, I recruited Mark Brooks to draw each and every one of you your own piece of Thor comic art. It just requires a few short steps. 1.) Hit the play button to let Mark know to start drawing your picture for you. 2.) Hit pause at the 10-minute mark to tell Mark to stop drawing. 3.) Make the video full-screen, then hit the Prt-Scr (Print Screen) button. 4.) Open up Paint, and […]

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!!

Head on over to your local comic book store this Saturday and take advantage of Free Comic Book Day. Special issues are sent out to stores for the first Saturday of May every year. These issues are available in limited quantities, so be sure to get to the store early to get what you seek. Also, be aware that most stores do have a limit on the number of books you can get, this isnt to be a pain in […]