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Seth MacFarlane to Reboot The Flintstones

The creator of such legendary shows as Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show is going to be rebooting a famous cartoon favorite, The Flintstones. Fox has announced that the first episode will be premiering in 2013. Not much is known about the reboot, but we can guarantee that if Seth MacFarlane is involved, it is going to be hilarious. The concept of taking a classic cartoon and creating a relevant and modern adaptation from it, will be difficult, […]

Epic Brew Podcast episode 3 – “Comfort Food and Nerd Bumps”

DOWNLOAD HERE – Epic Brew episode 3 “Comfort Food and Nerd Bumps” Movies – We discuss the Transformers franchise and H3lmz gives us his review of Thor. Video Games – We go over Rockstar’s upcoming game, L.A. Noire, and talk about the newest installment of the Mortal Kombat series. IGN’s Interview with the developers on the X-Ray mode. News – Pandora has added the ability to listen to thousands of comedy routines from hundreds of comedians, we let you in […]

Teefury – “Prehistoric Family Guy”

Lois is all the way on the left, just out of the background image. She’s a Pterodactyl. The shirt goes on sale 2/22/2011 at midnight for $10 ($12 with shipping), and as always is only available for 24 hours, so don’t take too long deciding if this shirt is for you…or the deal will…go…extinct. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. =] TeeFury Website