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Dustforce and Bastion on Sale on Steam

Through Thursday, you can pick up copies of Bastion and Dustforce in the Steam Store for marked down prices. Bastion has been reduced to $5.99. Dustforce has been reduced to $4.99. Earlier this year I reviewed Dustforce, and while I don’t have a review for Bastion, I have played the game and will easily recommend it.    

Interview with Dustforce Developers, Hitbox Team

The following interview is with Woodley Nye and Terrence Lee of Hitbox Team. Follow Hitbox Team on Twitter: @hitboxteam After you read the interview, check out our Dustforce Review! How did Hitbox Team come into being? Woodley: Lexie Dostal and I met in high school where we made some little prototypes in game maker. Matt Bush and I met at college, and Lexie also studied there, although I was the only one that stayed for the whole course. A little […]

Dustforce Review

Being a janitor has never been so cool. If the old Sonic the Hedgehog games were some of your favorites from the 16-bit era, let me happily introduce you to Dustforce, Sonic’s spiritual successor. Dustforce puts players in the overalls of a very nimble, ninja-like, janitor who has been tasked with clearing out dirty levels with a flurry of broom sweeps and double-jumps. Players control the janitor’s movement with the arrow keys, and can jump, quick-attack, heavy-attack, and sprint with […]