Dead Island

Dead Island “Word-of-Mouth” Review

Earlier this year the internet was buzzing with news of a new zombie shooter on the horizon. The buzz for Dead Island was largely due to A.) the success of AMCs The Walking Dead and B.) the eerily emotional... Read More »
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Dead Island Trailer 2

Not as cinematic as the first trailer. This Dead Island trailer gives us a better view of the setting of the game, and it’s nothing we didn’t already know. Beaches, resorts, and brain eaters. Dead Island is set to... Read More »
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ExtraLife Comic – “Hulk watches Dead Island trailer”

Haven’t seen the Dead Island trailer? Check it out here! And of course, the comic is from drawn by Scott Johnson. Read More »
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Dead Island Trailer

Even if you have never played a video game in your life, watch this trailer. The cinematography is excellent. I always love the “in-reverse” stylized storytelling. In fact, one of my favorite commercials ever uses the same technique. (Check... Read More »
H3rcules | 16 February 2011 | Gaming | , , | 2 Comments