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Just How Sucessful is DC’s Reboot?

A blog post on DC’s official blog has dropped some numbers as to just how successful the DC reboot has been for the company. – Action Comics, Batman, and Justice League (all #1) have all sold over 200,000 copies. – Action Comics, Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin, The Dark Knight, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Lantern, Justice Leauge, Superman, and Aquaman have all sold over 100,000 copies. – Action Comics and Batgirl are in their third printing, while Justice League […]

DC Universe Online Going Free-to-Play in October

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in case you were not here before: 2011 is the year of free-to-play. Along with Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online, Team Fortress 2, and a handful of others, DC Universe Online will soon be free to play. When re-launched, the free-to-play setup will feature three tiers of players. Those playing completely for free will be on the “free” tier. Those who are currently subscribers or who have spent […]