Hearthstone’s TV Commercial Shows What It Must Be Like For The Game’s Characters

On Monday, Blizzard posted a Hearthstone TV commercial to their Hearthstone YouTube channel. Instead of the usual rundown of game-things that you’d expect to see in a TV ad, the Hearthstone commercial has some fun with the limelight, and shows viewers what the characters of Hearthstone might see, if Hearthstone matches were real battles.

In the fight we see the Stormwind Champion mysteriously levitate and fly back and forth, to and from his Ogre Brute opponent. The commercial cuts to a kid on a bus playing Hearthstone, taking a moment to decide if he wants to deploy the Champion, by holding-and-dragging the card to and from his side of the game board. When the player instead elects to send Tinkmaster Overspark out, the commercial switches back to the battle where a gnome runs out and promptly explodes both himself and the ogre.

I’m Flyin’! Ahhh-ha-ha-ha-haah!

Hearthstone TV Commercial

I would have loved to have seen Reckless Rocketeer used instead of Overspark, but I’ll take what I can get.

A secondary video was also posted which is a quick little post-battle interview with the Ogre Brute.


Overwatch’s Cowboy, McCree, Gets 13 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Today, Blizzard released a 13ish minute video featuring McCree, the gun-slinging cowboy character from their upcoming multiplayer FPS, Overwatch.

In the video we get to watch McCree, —or, more accurately, the player controlling McCree— use the cowboy’s revolver “Peacekeeper”, toss flashbangs, and use the combat roll to evade incoming attacks. Also, more impressively, we get a look at what McCree’s special ability looks like from the perspective of the player in the heat of battle.

Deadeye is McCree’s special ability and while it takes a few seconds to hone in on visible targets, when the shot lands it’s a guaranteed kill. You can see it in action at 6:56 in the video.

McCree is one of 14 different characters for Overwatch players to choose from. Sign up for the Overwatch beta test, on the game’s official website.