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Overwatch’s Cowboy, McCree, Gets 13 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Overwatch’s Cowboy, McCree, Gets 13 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Today, Blizzard released a 13ish minute video featuring McCree, the gun-slinging cowboy character from their upcoming multiplayer FPS, Overwatch. In the video we get to watch McCree, —or, more accurately, the player controlling McCree— use the cowboy’s revolver “Peacekeeper”, toss flashbangs, and use the combat roll to evade incoming attacks. Also, more impressively, we get a look at what McCree’s special ability looks like from the perspective of the player in the heat of battle. Deadeye is McCree’s special ability […]

World of Warcraft’s Latest Event Is a Selfie-Taking Scavenger Hunt

World of Warcraft’s Latest Event Is a Selfie-Taking Scavenger Hunt

Blizzard has just launched a month-long contest in World of Warcraft to promote the integration of social media into their MMO. The rules are simple: go to the famous landmark featured in each week’s example, and take a screenshot of your character there. This week the landmark is the Horde capital, Orgrimmar. Each week, twenty-two winners will be selected to receive anything from a World of Warcraft water bottle to an iPhone 6. One grand prize winner will receive a […]

Starcraft 2 Action Figures Out Now and More Coming

  Starcraft fans rejoice, Blizzard has released the first wave of action figures based off of Starcraft. Jim Raynor and Zeratul are out, and available now in the Blizzard Store. Kerrigan and Tychus Findlay will be released within the month. I won’t be picking any of these particular figures up, but I will be very interested when wave 2 arrives, and hopefully there will be some Zerg creatures in the mix. I’m really hoping they make a 3-Zergling set, much […]

Blizzard Opens MP3 Store for Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft Music

From Diablo II to Warcraft: Cataclysm, Blizzard has made the albums to the majority of their games available for download in the Blizzard Store. On top of the albums being easily available, they are also decently priced. I strolled my internet presence into the Blizzard Store expecting to see $20 for albums at the cheapest, but surprisingly, I found that the highest price for an entire album was $9.99, with each song $.99 a piece. That’s on par with a […]

Starcraft 2 Goes Partially Free-to-Play

In a move reminiscent of what Blizzard recently pulled with World of Warcraft going free-to-play for the first 20 levels, Starcraft 2 is now available for free, in a limited portion. Blizzard announced a new “Starter Pack” for gamers who do not yet own the massively popular Starcraft 2. The Starter Pack includes: – The first three Mar-Sara missions, along with the first mission for either Tychus or Dr. Hansen. – Two unlockable challenges – The ability to play as […]

Starcraft 2 ‘Heart of the Swarm’ Expansion in the Works

Heart of the Swarm is going to continue the epic saga of the Star Craft franchise by focusing on Kerrigan, former soldier for the Terran taken captive and corrupted by the Overmind. While Wings of Liberty told the story of the Terran’s struggle, the Heart of the Swarm will feature a Zerg-based campaign complete with upgradeable units, the continuation of the epic Starcraft II story, and of course, your fix for intense multiplayer RTS gaming. As you can see from […]

Warcraft, Rage of the Firelands Patch 4.2 Trailer

Even for those of us who have put down our swords and packed away our herbalism supplies, World of Warcraft trailers are still something to be excited about. The lore behind this particular trailer revolves around the aftermath of Deathwing’s emergence from Deepholm, and the subsequent cataclysm that ensued. Azeroth’s strongest shamans, the members of the Earthen Ring, have been tirelessly trying to stabilize the world and contact the elemental lords in an effort to regain the natural balance there […]

Blizzard Starts Selling New Warcraft Flying Mount: The Winged Guardian

The Winged Guardian is way cooler than Blizzards previous purchasable flying mount, the Celestial Steed, but is it cool enough to throw down $25 for? Not for me. Not unless I can land that braided-beard, fire-head, lion-bird in the middle of a trash mob, jump off of it and have it fight alongside me. Then at least I’d think about it for a few minutes before deciding I have much better things to spend my $25 on. But if this […]