Super Mario Avengers Mashup T-Shirt on RIPT

Today on RIPT, pick up a really cool tshirt featuring the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom dressed up as The Avengers. There is Mario as Iron Man, Peach as Thor, Luigi as Captain America, Yoshi as Hawkeye, and Bowser... Read More »
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Netflix Streaming Adds X-Men and Spider-Man 90’s Cartoons

Just when I was beginning to lose hope that Netflix would provide me a new show to stream to get me through the summer…Netflix gives me two of my favorite shows from the 90’s: the animated series of both... Read More »
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Captain America Gets a New Trailer

Staring Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, and Dominic Cooper, Captain America: The First Avenger will premier July 22nd. With a budget of $140 million, Captain America will be Marvels third and final film of 2011. All together,... Read More »
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The Avengers Production Temporarily Stalled After Theft

Production of The Avengers has been forced to a halt after the theft of Sam Jackson’s personal copy of the script. The thief tried to sell the script and in proving that he actually had the script, scanned some... Read More »
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Filming Begins for The Avengers

Yesterday, Joss Whedon, the nerd-god who is in the director’s throne for this monumental undertaking, commented yesterday on his website that filming for The Avengers would begin today. He said, “Tomorrow we start shooting (I THINK I’m legally permitted... Read More »
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Hawkeye to Appear in Thor Movie

Movie news website, Cinema Blend, has confirmed reports that Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner; The Hurt Locker) will be seen first in Thor before making the grand appearance in next years Avengers movie. Cinema Blend reported:  “The scene we saw featured... Read More »
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