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Artist Spotlight: Patrick Brown

An Australian native, Patrick Brown has been drawing since he was 5. He works with pencil and paper as well as digital tools, like photoshop, and the majority of his work depicts video game characters. From his DeviantArt profile:... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Mikaël Aguirre

Mikaël Aguirre is a 29 year old artist from Paris, France who has found fame painting portraits of classic video game scenes. You can find him on Twitter (@Orioto) and on Tumblr (Night Grain). Check out all of his... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Yong Ho Ji

Korean artist, Yong Ho Ji, takes old tires and crafts them into amazing works of art. “In these figures,” says Ryu Han-Seung, Assistant curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, “the tires intensify the grotesqueness to... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Otis Frampton

Earlier today, as I sloshed my way through the knee-deep muck that fills up my RSS feed, in search for just the right topic to do an article on, I suddenly found myself facing a headline: Japanese Star Wars,... Read More »

Artist Spotlight – Dragos Jieanu

The United States Space Fleet (U.S.S.F.) “Epic” is what I named the ship in the center of this picture. Usually I am totally against Flash intros to websites. But Dragos’ website at is really freaking cool. The image... Read More »
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