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Epic Arcade: Canary

PLAY CANARY NOW   What is Canary: A platformer where you play as a miner, tasked with escaping a mine that is quickly deteriorating into chaos. Who made Canary: Nitrome games. Visit their website to play more of their games: [] and follow them on Twitter (@nitrome) Why Canary is Fun: The game is constantly panning left-to-right, so you are constantly on the move and are forced to solve simple puzzles rapidly. Puzzles range from carving your way through rocks, […]

Epic Arcade: The Green Mission

  PLAY THE GREEN MISSION NOW What is The Green Mission: A simple “sling-shot and catch” game where you launch a little green booger-thing through the air while avoiding obstacles and completing objectives. The goal is to turn all the tomatoes green without coming into contact with them. You complete a color transformation by getting the slimer close to, but not touching, the tomato. Who Made The Green Mission: Mini Duck (visit their website) Why The Green Mission is Fun: […]

Epic Arcade: Diamond Hollow 2

PLAY DIAMOND HOLLOW 2 NOW What is Diamond Hollow II – A pixelated platformer where you run through caves and shoot monsters with your gun. Diamond Hollow 2 has seven levels, each of which takes about ten minutes to get through the first time. Along with the main story, there are a handful of mini-games to play through: Boss Rush, Runner Mode, Tadpole Mode, and Escape. Who made DH2 – Lee Miller “Arkeus” (@arkeus on Twitter, “arkeus” on Kongregate) Visit […]

Team Fortress 2 Arcade Available for Free!

Earlier this summer we highlighted a project created by Eric Ruth, that took the frantic action and interesting characters of Team Fortress 2 and shrunk it all down into an SNES styled game. Ruth has completed the project, and you can download the game, in it’s entirity, from his website – Ruth has made a number of fun games over the past few years: this Team Fortress platformer, a Halo-based platformer, and a Left for Dead platformer, just to […]