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Trailer Tractorbeam: January 29th, 2012

For this batch of trailers, I’m keeping things short, but very, very, sweet. A trailer for Mass Effect 3‘s highly debated multiplayer mode, was recently released. As an opponent of the implementation of multiplayer in ME3, believing that Bioware should instead focus all of their time and energy into crafting an amazing conclusion to one of my favorite current-generation franchises (pauses to breathe), I am pleasantly surprised to say that the trailer below caused me to re-think my stance. Not […]

Movie Review – Monsters (2010)

I had heard from a few people that there was this movie called Monsters and that if I loved District 9, I would love Monsters. They were right. Last night, I checked out Monsters on the Netflix Instant Player (quick-link to the Monsters Netflix page). The Photoshoppy cover-art for the movie and lack of recognizable actors gave it a cheap feel at first, and I really wonder how many people simply overlooked the movie for those facts alone, but trusting […]