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Dead Island Trailer 2

Not as cinematic as the first trailer. This Dead Island trailer gives us a better view of the setting of the game, and it’s nothing we didn’t already know. Beaches, resorts, and brain eaters. Dead Island is set to be released August 1st. Related Articles: Dead Island Debut Trailer Comic – Hulk Watches Dead Island […]

Tintin Teaser Trailer

After just yesterday discovering that there was a Tintin movie in the works…a teaser trailer was released today. So yesterday when I said, “This could not have caught me anymore more by surprise, let alone get me more excited for it.” I was wrong, I am now more excited for it then I was yesterday. […]

X-Men Muppets

The artist (Rahzzah) did a great job with this piece, and I would love to see him create a few more. Maybe Gonzo as Nightcrawler? Kermit as Toad? Statler and Waldorf as Prof. X and Magneto respectively? Ok, maybe that last one is a little bit of a stretch…but I’m sure it could work… Check […]

First Poster for Adventures of Tintin

I don’t even know what to say. I thought Tintin was a ghost of my childhood, one that only I could remember catching re-runs of on days I’d stay home from elementary school, sick. And then, I find this. Spielberg and Peter Jackson? This could not have caught me anymore more by surprise, let alone […]

Toy Storycraft

It took me about a month of random bits of editing to finally get this entire project together. The idea came to me when I was playing Starcraft II and realized that Jim Raynor is pretty much a cowboy who’s sidekick is a man stuck in a space-suit. Even the “bad guys” sound the same, […]

New Patch and DLC for Mortal Kombat on the Way!

NetherRealm Studios has heard the voices of their Kombatants and are going to release a new patch and some downloadable content that is going to hopefully going to “nerf”  few characters. For one, Scorpion, Cyrax and Shang Tsung are just a few fighters that will hopefully be balanced out by the patch. There is also […]

Awesome Viral Marketing YouTube Campaign for Kung-fu Panda

THIS, is good marketing. It’s always nice to get caught off guard by something that isn’t a screaming-banshee video that plague some corners of YouTube. So, watch the video below, and click the link Jack Black tells you to. Kung-fu Panda 2 is set to be released May 26th. Official Kung-fu Panda 2 website.

90 Minutes of Star Wars: Old Republic Gameplay

So if you have an hour and a half to kill, you should check out this video recorded by a Beta tester for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware’s newest MMORPG project. The Old Republic takes place a long time before Anakin whined his way off of Tatooine. About 3.5 thousand years to be exact. […]