April Fools Prank, A Lickable Iphone App, Done on Live TV

The best part is that everyone is watching her in the background too. Read More »
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Bill Hammack – The “Engineer Guy”

If Bill Nye the Science Guy blended DNA with Jamie Hyneman, the result would be Bill Hammack. Bill Hammack has quite the collection of YouTube videos that explain how common technology works. Before you groan and scroll down to... Read More »
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“Happy Up Here” – Röyksopp

The Norwegian electronic group Röyksopp formed in 1998 and has since been nominated for a Grammy and are the recipients of multiple Spellemannprisen awards. “Happy Up Here” is a track from Röyksopp’s album Junior which debuted in 2009. The... Read More »
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Three New Posters for Falling Skies TV Show

Check out the trailer if you missed it – TNT’s Falling Skies Official Trailer   Read More »
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First Full Hangover 2 Trailer

Aside from the short teaser trailer, this is our first look at what the “Wolf-Pack” is getting themselves into in Asia. Set for release this Memorial Day. Read More »
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New Spiderman Game Announced

Spider-man: Edge of Time will ride the success of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and will feature the super hero dashing through time to save himself from an untimely death. Gamers will be able to control both the “Original Amazing Spider-Man”... Read More »

New M-Rated Lord of the Rings Game “War in the North”

War in the North promises exciting Action-RPG elements in environments that Tolkien fans will be fammilliar with. Rather than take place within the events seen in the three films, War in the North will shift our attention to…well…the north,... Read More »

Gamestop Takes Aim at Steam

With Gamestop‘s recent purchases of Spawn Labs and Impulse Inc., Gamestop is clearly trying to stake their claim in the downloadable-gaming market that Steam has been dominating in recent years. Spawn Labs is responsible for creating a unique patented... Read More »
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Penny Arcade “One Of Many Possible Responses”

Read More »
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Hawkeye to Appear in Thor Movie

Movie news website, Cinema Blend, has confirmed reports that Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner; The Hurt Locker) will be seen first in Thor before making the grand appearance in next years Avengers movie. Cinema Blend reported:  “The scene we saw featured... Read More »
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