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Artist Spotlight – Andrew Hou: Wolverine vs. T-rex

Artist, Andrew “Njoo” Hou, has quite the catalog of artwork under his belt. The Wolverine vs. T-rex piece seen above is one of a two part set: a before/after of this epic battle. The “after” picture is at the bottom of the post. Let the betting begin! Andrew Hou teaches/mentors an online Schoolism course for […]

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Finally Announced

After weeks of dull “teaser” videos, Ubisoft finally announced Revelations, the fourth Assassin’s Creed title, and the last for Etzio. Revelations will take place in Constantinople and other locals throughout the Ottoman Empire. Not exactly the change of scenery/time period as I was hoping for, but I suppose it is a necessity to wrap up […]

EA Week on Steam: Mass Effect Sales Today

The Mass Effect franchise is my favorite franchise of the current gaming generation. The depth of the Mass Effect universe is amazing, and if you are even slightly interested in Sci-Fi games, you need to check this game out. I’ve played both games, and eagerly await the third and final installment (which has been pushed […]

The Fully Sick Rapper

Christian Van Vuuren was diagnosed with TB and has spent the last 55 days quarantined to a single hospital room. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he made this epic rap video. Christian Van Vuuren now has his own YouTube channel full of webisodes he and his brother have made from the room, and his […]

AMC’s Hell on Wheels Gets a Trailer

The show takes place in a post Civil War America. Fans of Red Dead Redemption, take note…it is being made by the same company that has produced The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. TV Westerns seem to be short lived, in recent memory. Deadwood springs to mind, as does Into the West…but I think it […]

Pandora Radio to Host Comedy Channels

Popular internet radio program, Pandora, will begin streaming comedy routines through their service today. Approximately 700 comedians have been signed into this deal, accumulating around 10,000 comedic routines. I’ll be adding stations for each of the gentlemen below. (Gervais, Seinfeld, Rock, CK) and that guy over there –> (Engvall)

Star Wars Finally Coming to Blu-Ray

Enhanced for the billionth time, the Star Wars Saga is ready for Blu-ray players, and will be released September 16th. The Blu-rays will be available in three packages, the first trilogy, the second trilogy, and the complete saga. Lucasfilm also announced that the packs will come with never-before-seen documentaries, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and more. […]

EA Week on Steam: The Sims Sales Today

Today’s EA Games franchise for sale on Steam is The Sims. The sale includes The Sims 3, all Sims 3 expansions, and Sim City 4. The Sims 3 is $23.99 (40% off) Sims 3 expansions: World Adventures and Ambitions are $14.99 each (50% off) Sims 3 expansion: Late Nights is $19.99 (50% off) Sims 3 […]

The Best Description of Dubstep

Yup. That pretty much covers it. Editor’s Note: Dubstep is a music genre, heavily influenced by electronic jams and full of bass and heavy reverbs. Sample.

Epic Brew Podcast episode 2 – “The Mysterious Age of Chris Griffin”

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 2 HERE Show Notes – Movies: X-men First Class, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and Monsters. TV: Game of Thrones episodes 1 & 2, Michael Scott leaves The Office. Video Games: Battlefield 1942 The Monsters review has been updated with our audio review. Check that out here. H3lmz’s Drunken Review […]