Artist Spotlight: SIT

Amsterdam artist, SIT, worked through the art industry before returning to square one and blazing his own path. SIT has painted a number of series and appeared in exhibitions all over the world. For more information on the artist,... Read More »
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New NatGeo Show: “Lost Treasures”

The producers behind Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch have received approval by National Geographic to begin a new series entitled, Lost Treasures. Lost Treasures will go around the Unites States, looking for historical heirlooms people have had in... Read More »
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Digital Marvel Comics to be Released Same Day as Print

Gizmodo has reported that Marvel will begin to release digital versions of new comic books on the same day the print versions are released in stores. By the end of March 2012, all but Marvel’s third-party titles and their... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Mikaël Aguirre

Mikaël Aguirre is a 29 year old artist from Paris, France who has found fame painting portraits of classic video game scenes. You can find him on Twitter (@Orioto) and on Tumblr (Night Grain). Check out all of his... Read More »
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Family Chooses Post-Apocolyptic Family Portrait Style

+100 geek points to the Owens family for their super creative and awesome family portraits. The father created all of the costumes himself, and puts other costume pieces up for sale in his ETSY store, Chain Crafts. Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Yong Ho Ji

Korean artist, Yong Ho Ji, takes old tires and crafts them into amazing works of art. “In these figures,” says Ryu Han-Seung, Assistant curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, “the tires intensify the grotesqueness to... Read More »
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Man Eats 32 Eggs, Drinks Gallon of Milk, in 1 Minute 19 Seconds

Sports Illustrated invited champion eater Takeru Kobayashi to their offices for some record breaking. With the cameras rolling, Kobayashi inhaled 32 hard-boiled eggs in one-minute time, and then a short time later, proceeded to drink an entire gallon of... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Vesa Lehtimaki

Photographer, Vesa Lehtimäki, has been photographing his children’s toys for years. He lives in Finland with his family, and his photography has been featured all over the web, from Wired to Spottr. Below, are only a handful of Vesa’s... Read More »

Just How Sucessful is DC’s Reboot?

A blog post on DC’s official blog has dropped some numbers as to just how successful the DC reboot has been for the company. – Action Comics, Batman, and Justice League (all #1) have all sold over 200,000 copies.... Read More »
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Adidas Makes Kermit the Frog Themed Shoes

Adidas has taken their classic Superstar II shoe and added in a Muppet-y twist. The shoe features the iconic frill of Kermit the Frog, and “The Original in HipHop” is written on the side of the shoe. The price... Read More »
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