Coolest Toy Ever? MWC Quad with mt2208 Motor

  I found this video randomly, and of course I had to share it with you guys. The YouTube video had very little information as to what this is exactly, or who made it, but after spending some time... Read More »
H3rcules | 18 August 2012 | Tech | | 3 Comments   

7 Minutes of Terror: A Look at the “Curiosity” Landing

  I heard a good analogy recently, about the Curiosity landing, it was something like: Landing that thing on Mars, is like shooting a bullet from a fast-moving car, at another fast moving car traveling in another direction, and... Read More »
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Valve Releases Steam Mobile App

  Available for both Apple and Android phones, gamers can now access Steam on the go. Valve boasts that the mobile app allows users to chat with friends from their Steam friends list, and more importantly, shop the Steam... Read More »
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Razer Reveals New Tablet at CES

  “It’s a tablet. It’s a PC. It’s, Fiona!” Normally known for overpriced PC gaming equipment, Razer officially announced that they are entering the tablet market with their upcoming “Project Fiona.” Armed with a 1280×800 10-inch screen, 7.1 THX-approved... Read More »
H3rcules | 12 January 2012 | Gaming, Tech | , , , | No Comments   

Walgreens to Start Using Ipads in Stores

A few Chicago-based Walgreens locations are trying out a program where Apple Ipads are used in their stores. The Ipad-wielding “Health Guides” will patrol the store and attempt to assist customers with their needs. This tech addition is to... Read More »
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Geek Speak Weekly: Kindle Fire

So I held off on the Geek Speak feature this week until today, knowing that Amazon was expected to announce their newest devices today at a publicized press release. While Amazon did announce three new Kindles, the next generation... Read More »
H3rcules | 29 September 2011 | Geek Speak, Tech | , , | No Comments   

Apple vs. Amazon in “The Tablet Wars”

In a recent NY Times article, the upcoming battle between Apple and Amazon was discussed. Apple has been dominating the tablet market with the Ipad, and while they have seen competition from other brands, Apple has been able to... Read More »
H3rcules | 26 September 2011 | Tech | , , , | 1 Comment   

Chinese Artist Builds Own Transformer Army

Retired army veteran, Yang Junlin of Huizhou, China, has constructed a number of jaw-dropping Transformer-like robots out of his “Legend of Iron” factory. Having created over 1000 of these impressive machines out of salvaged metal, Junlin has aptly earned... Read More »
H3rcules | 14 August 2011 | Movies, Tech | , , | No Comments   

The Landmine-Eating Robot: The Digger D3

The Digger DTR D3 is a robotic vehicle designed to do nothing but om-nomon landmines like they’re marshmallows. The Digger D3 consists of a bulky tractor-like body and 64 tungsten flail-hammers that rotate at 400 rpm that allow the... Read More »
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Retro Posters for Modern Social Websites

‘ Apparently, these pictures were created by Moma Propoganda for an “Everything Ages Fast” ad campaign put on by Maxmidia Seminars.   Read More »
H3rcules | 17 July 2011 | Tech | , , | No Comments   
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