Tiny Troopers Review

  What you need to know: Developed by Kukouri (@kukouri) Published by Iceberg Interactive (@Iceberg_Int) Available on Steam ($9.99) and iOS devices ($.99) with Android Support forthcoming. – 30 Missions – 6 hirable “specialist” soldier classes – 5 “one-shot”... Read More »
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Wooden Sen’SeY Review

  Upperbyte’s Wooden Sen’SeY is set to launch tomorrow. I got my hands on a preview copy of Wooden Sen’SeY and spent some time playing through the game. For this review, I played through five of the nine levels.... Read More »
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Movies on a Budget: True Grit

“You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God. “ WATCH TRUE GRIT ON NETFLIX Netflix Summary: After drifter Tom Chaney (Josh Brolin) murders her father, 14-year-old... Read More »
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Trine 2 Review

  I had high hopes for Trine 2. As a big fan of the original, released in 2009, Trine 1 was one of my quick-draw answers for when friends asked me to recommend a game to them. Two years... Read More »
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Dead Island “Word-of-Mouth” Review

Earlier this year the internet was buzzing with news of a new zombie shooter on the horizon. The buzz for Dead Island was largely due to A.) the success of AMCs The Walking Dead and B.) the eerily emotional... Read More »
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Borderlands Review

H3lmz and myself picked up Borderlands this past Spring during one of Steam’s wallet-diet sales. I jumped right in and played through the first few levels on my own before H3lmz joined in and we teamed up to fight... Read More »
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‘Black Death’ Movie Review by H3rc

In the year 1348, the Bubonic Plague rampaged across Europe, sickening and wiping out thousands everyday. The mysterious death could weaken and kill a perfectly healthy man within a week; for anyone of lesser health, death would occur even... Read More »
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H3lmz and H3rc Play ‘Champions Online’

Champions Online is just one of the handful of MMO’s that Steam has released that are Free-to Play. Now I know you’re thinking, “How good can a free game be?” This is what I initially asked myself as well,... Read More »
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Movie Review – Monsters (2010)

I had heard from a few people that there was this movie called Monsters and that if I loved District 9, I would love Monsters. They were right. Last night, I checked out Monsters on the Netflix Instant Player... Read More »

Dead Space 1 – A Never-Too-Late Review

SURVIVED - I played Dead Space on a computer that could completely support the game’s highest settings, and it was absolutely disgustingly beautiful. There many were times when I cringed and looked away as some monstrosity popped out a... Read More »
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