Game Music Bundle 6: five albums for $1, twenty-four for $10

The latest Game Music Bundle features a whopping 24 game albums for a minimum price of $10. A selection of five albums are set aside for buyers who only wish to pay between $1 and $9.99. Running for the... Read More »
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Trip Hop, Wax Tailor: “Time to Go”

  From the official website: “A multifaceted and fiercely independent artist, Wax Tailor established himself in just a few years as one of the leading voices of the Post hip-hop and downtempo scenes. With 3 albums under his belt, as... Read More »
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New Indie Games Music Bundle!

  Featuring the works of Austin Wintory, Big Giant Circles, Zircon, Jeff Ball, Romain Gauthier, among others, the “iGame” Indie Music Bundle is now live! All of the soundtracks included in this bundle are from iOS games: Horn, Squids... Read More »
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Indie Rock, Wye Oak: “Spiral”

From Wye Oak’s wiki: “Wye Oak are an indie folk rock duo from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, composed of Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, backup vocals) and Jenn Wasner (vocals, guitars). Their sound has been described as ‘earnest folk-influenced indie rock... Read More »
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Indie Rock, Efterklang: “Hollow Mountain”

  “Hollow Mountain” is from Efterklang’s upcoming album, Piramida. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000, Efterklang has three studio albums under their belt and are currently signed to the 4AD label, as well as their own record label Rumraket.... Read More »
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Gypsy Punk, Gogol Bordello: “Immigraniada”

  Gogol Bordello gets its name from the Ukranian, Nikolai Gogol. From the band’s wiki: “As one of the most influential writers in Ukrainian and Russian literature, Gogol paved the way for the likes of Kafka and Dostoyevsky. He... Read More »
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The Epic Brew for Feb 28, 2012

    Massive Amount of Battlefield 3 Tweaks Inbound! Late last week DICE released a gigantic list of upcoming fixes to Battlefield 3. Below are some of the highlights, but be sure to check out the full list, posted... Read More »

Indie Game Music Bundle #2 is here!

The second Indie Game Music Bundle has launched and the sale is in full swing. For the next week, you can pick up at least 14 indie game soundtracks, on a pay-what-you-want sale platform. I say “at least 14”... Read More »
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The Music of Silent Hill: Downpour

Daniel Licht, best known as the composer for Showtime’s series, Dexter, has composed the soundtrack for the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour. Licht commented about this entry in the Silent Hill series, “I’m inspired by the mood and the story.... Read More »
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A Handful of Game Soundtracks Recommended by Redditors (and Me!)

Over on Reddit, specifically the /Games subreddit, a discussion is going on about the best game soundtracks. Below you can find some of the suggestions, along with some of my own favorites. Comment below, and add your favorites! User,... Read More »
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