Kropserkel Forges Awesome Nazgul Armor

  The folks at Kropserkel, makers of replicas, reproductions, props, and costumes, have constructed some pretty impressive Nazgul armor. This must have proven to be a tricky task because in the movies, the Nazguls were usually cloaked, and only... Read More »
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Geek Speak Weekly: Chiss

CHISS – The Star Wars Universe Chiss are humanoids from the Star Wars galaxy, most recognizable by their blue skin and red eyes. Chiss are from the glacier-like planet Csilla, which can be found in the Unknown Regions. Chiss... Read More »
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The Trailer Tractor Beam: December 12, 2011

As an active opponent to the Video Game Awards, and Spike TV in general, my eyeballs were not glued to the television screen the other night when that embarrassing-because-I’m-part-of-the-demographic awards show was on. So if you were watching the... Read More »

First Look at Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln

If a movie about Abraham Lincoln’s life, produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, a musical score from John Williams, and features Daniel Day-Lewis as the famous president, doesn’t already have you peeing-the-pants interested in this film, then maybe this... Read More »
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Movies on a Budget: Season of the Witch

WATCH SEASON OF THE WITCH ON NETFLIX Tagline: Not all souls can be saved. Netflix Summary: In 14th-century Europe, a courageous knight leads a group of weary warriors across impossibly treacherous terrain in order to transport a suspected witch... Read More »
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Super Mario Avengers Mashup T-Shirt on RIPT

Today on RIPT, pick up a really cool tshirt featuring the stars of the Mushroom Kingdom dressed up as The Avengers. There is Mario as Iron Man, Peach as Thor, Luigi as Captain America, Yoshi as Hawkeye, and Bowser... Read More »
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Movies on a Budget: The Trollhunter

    WATCH THE TROLLHUNTER ON NETFLIX Netflix Summary: Three students enter the Norwegian woods to film a documentary on a bear poacher named Hans. When they find him, he claims that bear hunting is just a ruse, and... Read More »
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First Full Trailer for Pixar’s “Brave”

Pixar/Disney’s next film franchise, Brave, saw the release of its first trailer, earlier today. Previously called, The Bow and the Bear, Brave centers on the story of a young Scottish princess, named Merida, as she defies gender-restraining customs to... Read More »
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Coming Soon: Movies on a Budget

Movies on a Budget is an upcoming segment, exclusive to Epic Brew, where H3rcules and H3lmz spotlight and discuss movies that are available to watch online (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) or movies which have been out for some time... Read More »
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J.K. Rowling, Wanted to Kill Ron Weasley

In an interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, revealed that she had plans to kill off Ron Weasley about halfway through the series. The interview is part of the special features in the Deathly Hallows: Part... Read More »
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