Mortal Kombat: Legacy episode 5

The second part of the Kitana and Mileena story arc. This episode was boring. Plain and simple. I found the best part of the episode to be the animations, just for their visual appeal. Speaking of which, I would... Read More »
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Halo Armor Made Out of Legos

Ben Caulkins has spent the last 6 months creating this suit of armor inspired by the famous Spartans of the Halo game series. In an interview on The Brothers Brick, Caulkins said,      “I have to say finishing it... Read More »
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Hitman Absolution Teaser Trailer

I loved the previous Hitman game, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next installment since Hitman: Blood Money came out in 2006. This is how games should be developed. Instead of the same 4 games coming out yearly, or... Read More »
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Survivor Parody T-Shirt – “Survival Horror”

You don’t win immunity…you just get to live. Woot.Shirt introduced their newest shirt last night “Humanity Gets Voted Off” The shirt is available while supplies last, and as always is $10 with free shipping. Pick up the shirt today,... Read More »
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Johnny Cash and Red Dead Remption – “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” Music Video

So I made this mix a few months ago and have been holding off on it for sometime, but after a bunch of positive feedback, I’ve decided to share it with you all. I edited the video using Red... Read More »
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Counter-Strike Source Map of Bin Laden’s Abbottabad Hideout

Download the map here (GameBanana) Counter-Strike: Source is a popular FPS created by Valve that utilizes the Source engine for graphics and physics. Check out CS:S on Steam. Read More »
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June Game Informer Cover – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

June’s Game Informer cover boasts near-senior-citizen Ezio, back-to-back with his ancestor, Altair. A clever way to hint at Revelations gameplay that involves you having flash-backs, and being able to play as Altair, once again. More information on Revelations can... Read More »
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The Next Xbox to be Revealed at E3 in June

An undisclosed source has released confirmation that Microsoft has plans to reveal, or at least announce, the next Xbox console at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3.) Microsoft has reaped the rewards with the Kinect, and experts predict that... Read More »
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RIPT Shirt – Mario “Itsa Me…”

What if Mario realized that he is just a video game character and everything he has ever known/done was out of his control entirely? What if he realized that his life wasn’t his…that it was a joke… Today’s RIPT... Read More »
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EA Week on Steam: Battlefield and Medal of Honor Sales

Just as I predicted, Steam/EA saved the best for last. Today, the last day of a week long of daily deals, ends with Battlefield/Medal of Honor franchise sale. Battlefield Bad Company 2 – $6.80 (66% off) Bad Company 2:... Read More »
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