#GamingGoals For The Week Of February 8th

So I took a week off. What, you wanna fight about it? I have multiple reasons as to why I skipped but all you need to know is that it was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. So, back... Read More »
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Gaming Goals For The Week Of January 26th

Continuing on for Week #3 of my Gaming Goals are this weeks new goals, as well as my thoughts on what I played last week.  Follow the #GamingGoals tag on Twitter to keep up with everyone else who is... Read More »
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Year Walk Review

Time travel is a tricky subject, and it can be pretty hard to present a plausible exploration of how it might be achieved, and how it could affect the rest of the world. There have been many games... Read More »
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Gaming Goals For The Week Of January 18th

So last week I set a handful of goals for myself, as part of my resolution to focus on mini-goals throughout the year. While some of them involved fitness and eating (and drinking) habits, the ones you care about... Read More »

Gaming Goals for Week of January 11th

So each Sunday I’m going to post a handful of gaming goals that I’m aiming to accomplish in the upcoming week. These are going to be designed to ensure that I venture beyond endless Smite games and hours lost... Read More »
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Smite’s Flashiest Character Skin Will Set You Back $160

As part Smite’s ongoing nigh-ending Odyssey promotional event Hi-Rez Studios has introduced a unique skin for the Greek god Thanatos. The Archon Thanatos skin is unique in that it is the first skin implemented into Smite that evolves as... Read More »
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Play as a starving artist in Artisian: Going Home Again

Artisian: Going Home Again is the debut game from game developers Melissa Lester and Amy Lester. The two sisters have put together a life-management game where players must balance out the various aspects of a young artist’s life. As... Read More »
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A Story About My Uncle Review

After Ethan Carter last week, I was still itching for another first-person narrative game. I had two options sitting in my Steam library: Gone Home and A Story About My Uncle. I ended up choosing A Story About My... Read More »
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Review

I just completed The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and wow do I have a lot that I want to talk about. However, the majority of what I want to talk about, I won’t talk about in this review for... Read More »
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Smite’s $8 Halloween Chests Are All Treat And No Trick

Starting today, Hi-Rez introduced new Halloween-themed Treasure Chests into Smite. These Halloween chests cost twice as much as the regular treasure chests ($8 vs $4), but if buyers can make it over that price hurdle they will find that... Read More »
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