“Natural Pokemon” – artist uses plant leaves and rocks to create Pokemon

  Jacob Carter sees something different when he looks at the ground. Instead of just seeing leaves, he sees a Charmander’s foot, or a Pikachu’s ear. Carter has put together a small collection of Pokemon using just plant leaves,... Read More »
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Amazing ‘Legend of Zelda’ Papercraft

Canadian artist, known simply as Michaela, aka “M.M.”, has quite the collection of video game inspired papercraft figures on her deviantART portfolio. The majority of these figures come from the Legend of Zelda series, and there are also quite... Read More »
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T-Shirt Thursday: December 6th 2012

  Running a bit late this week, blame exams! Anyway, I’m here, and I bring to you some of the best shirts I’ve seen over the past week!   “Licensed to Shoot” by Ian Leino, available on “Spagetti... Read More »
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T-Shirt Thursday: November 29th 2012

  Christmas is just around the corner, so it’d be a good idea to bookmark some of these shirts for people! Santa Claus is coming and he likes t-shirts because they’re cheap and light-weight most importantly. Here are this... Read More »
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T-Shirt Thursday : November 15th 2012

  One more week until we (‘mericans!) can guiltlessly stuff our faces on Thanksgiving. And no, for my international readers, that’s not something we do every day…as may lead you to believe. Here are this week’s shirts of... Read More »
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More ‘Badland’ Art Released

  Back in July, we gave you a first-look at Frogmind’s upcoming game, Badland. Today, another teaser appeared on the Badland website in the form of an image with a brief description: “Time to show you what it is... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: MIA

  If you came here through a link, be advised this post had been requested to be removed by the artist or his representative. It’s a shame because the artist’s work was really neat, and I had links to... Read More »
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Gerrel Saunders’ “Headless Samurai” on Threadless

Threadless is selling one of Gerrel “Gaks” Saunders’ designs for the near future. “Headless Samurai” is $20 + shipping. “Headless Samurai” is only available in men’s sizes, and prints are also available from Saunders’ official website. Buy “Headless Samurai”... Read More »
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Artist Spotlight: Noah Bradley

  Noah Bradley is an environmental artist who has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Triptych Games, Fantasy Flight Games, and Bradley has had his work published in Spectrum 18, Exposé 9, ImagineFX, and 2DArtist Magazine. Bradley went... Read More »
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Ross Sauby’s “Sword from the Inkwell” On Sale At Shirt.Woot

  Ross “Rasabi” Sauby’s latest shirt is available on Shirt.Woot as of today. The shirt is $12.00 flat, shipping included. “I actually started it over half a year ago, and I guess the third iteration proved to be a... Read More »
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