Hunt the White Whale in Nantucket, A Beautiful Looking RPG

Picaresque Studios recently released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming role-playing game, Nantucket. Having spent a lot of my childhood in Cape Cod, I’m excited just to hear the idea of a game set in that area. The game’s trailer shows off its beautiful visual style reminiscent of art from the era. I can only hope that the game’s soundtrack is comprised of similar sea shanties to the one in the trailer.

It looks like Nantucket has a deep roleplaying system involving your crew and ship, with card based combat. Nantucket tells the story of Ishmael after the events of Moby Dick, as he hunts down the White Whale to redeem himself.

You can look at Nantucket’s already successful Greenlight campaign, or read their development log here.

Debut Trailer For Minecraft: Story Mode Looks Weird and Awesome

Just recently at MineCon, Telltale Games revealed the first trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Minecraft: Story Mode.

The main character of the game, Jesse, is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt. Minecraft: Story Mode seems to be about a regular guy going on an epic quest to find the Order of the Stone; think Harry Potter’s Order of the Phoenix, but Minecrafty. The Order of the Stone is composed of a Redstone Engineer, the Warrior, the Architect, and the Griefer.

The game looks absolutely crazy, and I’m excited to see it release “soon” for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Android. iOS, and the kitchen sink.

Evoland 2 Official Trailer Released, Plays with Lots of Genres

Shiro Games just revealed a trailer for Evoland 2, the sequel to their popular game Evoland which took players on a tour through the history of video game RPGs. The sequel, aptly named Evoland 2 A Slight Case of Space Time Continuum Disorder,  promises even more varied mechanical and visual styles.

Showing off everything from shoot-em-up to 2.5d fighting, Evoland 2 is really looking pretty. Hopefully the gameplay holds up in each of the game’s phases, because this seems like something to get excited about!

Excited fans can check out screenshots, or buy a DRM free pre-order on the Evoland 2 website.

Evoland 2 will be released later this summer.