About Epic Brew

Started in 2010 by Tom Christiansen, Epic Brew evolved from a simple gamer’s blog to a vault of geek-related topics covering all aspects of geek culture. While digging deep into the internet to find the coolest stuff, Tom discovered the indie game scene and jumped right into it.

Posting to Epic Brew slowed down in 2012 as Tom began working at The Indie Game Magazine, where he eventually ran the website as Editor in Chief. In December of 2013, Tom joined the Gamezebo team, where he’s been happily writing ever since.

For Tom’s latest work, head over to Gamezebo (linked above), as Epic Brew is seldom updated these days.

If you’re a game developer, artist, or musician, and want to get in touch with Tom, send him an email: tom@epicbrew.net

Follow Tom on Twitter: @tomscott90

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  1. Cainelli, Gilmar on 17 January 13, 11:40am

    Dear friends,

    I wonder where I can buy one of these weapons OGG CRAFT.

    Thank you for your attention,


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