Gunpoint is a stealth-based, action platformer developed by Suspicious Developments. The game originally released in June of 2013, and went on to become one of my favorite games released that year. The clever level layouts made it more rewarding to experiment with the game’s gadgets and systems, than it would have been to just simply shoot my way through each level…though that too is a possibility.

The trailer does a great job showing off the various mechanics in play. If you’re having trouble following along, one of the spy’s gadgets allows him to rewire electronics to interact with other electronics. So you can connect a light switch to a nearby automatic door; when a guard goes to turn on the light, the door will trigger and swing open, knocking the guard out. Anything in the building can be rewired, so there are plenty of possibilities to play around with.

Gunpoint is available for PC and Mac, on Steam.

[Gunpoint Official Website]

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