‘Dr. Spacezoo’ – The Early Access Game That Had Me Saving Alien Cats

Dr. Spacezoo is a new Early Access game that has players blasting alien animals out of prison-like space zoos. In fact, as the story goes, the man behind the space zoo concept, Dr. Spacezoo himself, remorsefully regrets his decision to capture the aliens and now wishes to turn them free. The problem is that the security systems that he put into place to stop others from trying to steal his aliens are now the biggest obstacle standing in his way.

The defense systems recognize Dr. Spacezoo as a threat to the space zoos and have no qualms shooting their creator on sight. So, in a speedy spaceship, players must zoom into procedurally-generated space zoos, avoid or destroy the defense systems, and secure as many animals as possible before they are destroyed.

Check out the game in action in the video above, and visit Dr. Spacezoo on Steam Early Access to get your hands on a copy of the game.

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